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Durex case study

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Facebook Campaign is the most efficient ways to advertise online. To connect businesses with all the right people.

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Durex case study

  1. 1. Durex Love in Jeans 16-Dec-2009
  2. 2. Facebook Landing Page
  3. 3. Default Landing page • All new visitors are redirected to this page • All contests, games, quizzes and prizes were showcased • Easy access to links on other tabs • Illicit interest right from the beginning • Refer friends • Buy products
  4. 4. Viral spread from the landing page
  5. 5. Facebook page
  6. 6. Customised profile pictures
  7. 7. Sidepanels • Advertise other properties on the page • Live counter for condoms donated
  8. 8. Fanpage statistics Over a 1000 fans as of today Fans growing at a tremedous rate everyday during the campaign
  9. 9. Talking to the right people 91% of the audience fell into the category of young adults and adults Healthy Male to Female ratio as well
  10. 10. Page views Unique page views spurted and sustained when the campaign was brought live Page views touched 500 and over 300 unique view: over 66% people revisited the page
  11. 11. Media Consumption Spikes when new media was put up. These also coincide with spikes in page views In short, people love photos, audio and videos. These can be used as strong influencers to send the message across.
  12. 12. Interactions Increased interactions during the campaign Interactions per post also increased manifold. Notice the spikes when new media is added.
  13. 13. Posts
  14. 14. Interactions • User interaction on page can be seen on almost every post • Post are funny and cocky to appeal to the target audience • Contests announced over posts • Users putting up content
  15. 15. Bunny Blues
  16. 16. Game statistics • 768 monthly active users • 5 Star ratings by users (out of 5) • Publish story to feed at the end of game Playing the game lets you contribute towards condom donation Live counter on the wall tab for condoms donated so far
  17. 17. Champ or Damp?
  18. 18. Statistics • 506 active users • 4 Star rating by users (out of 5) Consists of cheeky questions with whacky answers
  19. 19. Ride for safety • Condom donations and raising awareness • Encourage participation and highlight through Facebook • Celebrity endorsements including Juhi Chawla and others • Royal Enfield riders club also participated in this event • People like to associate themselves with social causes, something with a greater purpose
  20. 20. Media • Self serving ads used on Facebook Total Impressions: 3,228,146 Click Through: 3,320 Action: 940 CTR: 0.10 CTA: 0.03
  21. 21. Thank You