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Innovative Leasing Solutions

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Equipment vendors need financing solutions for their customers. Offering a quality lease option can mean a huge boost to sales. However, cookie-cutter programs with terms unfavorable to the lessee can damage customer relationships and future sales efforts. Equipment vendors should highlight leasing options to their customers early in the sales process. With a leasing partner who has multiple resources and options, vendors and their customers CAN achieve a "win-win" lease transaction that brings customers back.

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Innovative Leasing Solutions

  1. 1. INNOVATIVE LEASING SOLUTIONS Vendor Programs for Increasing Equipment Sales Innovative Leasing Solutions
  2. 2. WHY LEASING IS SUCH A POWERFUL SALES TOOL ofit margins. easier to increase or just a few dollars lows for accessories dded in. tors. all businesses all their equipment
  3. 3. WHY LEASING IS SUCH A POWERFUL SALES TOOL ofit margins. • Low Monthly Payments easier to increase • Swiftness of Leasing or just a few dollars • Corporate America Prefers lows for accessories Leasing dded• in. Maintains Margins & Increases Sales Size tors.• Competitive Factors all businesses • Custom Services all their equipment
  5. 5. SPECIAL VENDOR SERVICES • Customized Quoting Tools • Front Funding • Pre-Qualification Service • Fast Turn-Around • One Point-of-Contact
  6. 6. POPULAR LEASING PROGRAMS on chase option le for customers who equipment at the is best for durable customers who e of retaining cash at of the nominal tal lease. Your
  7. 7. POPULAR LEASING PROGRAMS on • Application Only to $150K chase option le • Fair Market Value (FMV) Lease for customers who equipment at Option • One Dollar the is best for durable • 100% Software customers who e ofMunicipal and Not-for-Profit • retaining cash at of the nominal • Lease and Cash tal lease. Your
  8. 8. LEASING COMPANIES ARE DIFFERENT! Great Vendor Programs are also GREAT for Customers! An Example from our Vendor FAQ’s: “I worry that you will control my customer. What assurance do I have that my customer will be treated ethically?” Answer: Your customer is just that, yours. Our mode of operations is to enhance, not detract nor endanger your relationship with your customer. We carefully hand select reputable funding partners thus assuring your customers will be treated fairly and courteously. Furthermore, we never, ever, roll a FMV customer into a one year renewal.
  9. 9. VENDORS: IMPROVE YOUR SALES TODAY! See our vendor brochure at this link: Click Here! For more, see our main website at www.NeoCapitalSolutions.com (800) 381-2506