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Social Support With Freshdesk

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Freshdesk is your one-stop social customer service solution. Facebook comments and Twitter mentions automatically get converted to helpdesk tickets that you can assign to your agents just like any other regular ticket. Your agents can even directly answer the customer on the same social media platform without leaving their helpdesk portal. That way, you can use all the knowledge in your support team and take your helpdesk to wherever your customers are, all from within your Freshdesk.

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Social Support With Freshdesk

  1. 1. Social Support with Freshdesk
  2. 2. Meet Ryan. Ryan likes shoes. A lot. He bought a pair of sneakers from Sauls shoes.
  3. 3. Instead, he received a pair of stilettos.
  4. 4. @sauls I ordered sneakers but i got a pair of stilettos instead. Can you help me ? 3.45PM - 3, Sep 2014 4 hours later, Ryan still hadn’t received a reply
  5. 5. Ryan got really upset and told everyone about this.
  6. 6. By the time Sauls Shoes saw Ryan's tweets 4 hours later, Ryan's friends had already told more people
  7. 7. And then suddenly, everyone was talking about their bad customer experience with Sauls.
  8. 8. With Freshdesk’s social support, things would have been very different.
  9. 9. MONITOR YOUR TWEETS With custom streams, Sauls can monitor tweets that mention the brand, competition and topics of interest.
  10. 10. ENGAGE WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS PROACTIVELY So, it’s easier to start conversations and interact with customers.
  11. 11. REPLY FASTER @mentions and direct messages are streamed into Sauls support portal, and they can reply directly from their portal. Also, Sauls can set up automation rules to convert specific tweets into tickets and assign them to an agent or group.
  12. 12. ENGAGE WITH YOUR FACEBOOK FANS Sauls’ wall posts and messages can also be automatically converted into tickets. Replies to tickets get added as comments to the posts.
  13. 13. BRING YOUR SUPPORT PORTAL TO YOUR PAGE Through a support tab, users can seamlessly access the knowledge base, community forums and even create support requests
  14. 14. With social support, things would have been very different, indeed
  15. 15. GET PROACTIVE WITH YOUR SUPPORT Sign up for a free trial http://freshdesk.com/signup