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Web content that works

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Web content that works

  1. 1. Web Copy That WorksCreate Your Brand-Driven Content Strategy
  2. 2. Frank Marquardt Director, Content Strategy, The Barbarian Group @tralition 20 yrs. exp. as a writer + editorA capable but unexceptional swimmer
  3. 3. The practice of planninghow content will createawesome user experiences.
  4. 4. Simple ObjectivesUsers Love It
  5. 5. Simple ObjectivesOrganizations Can Use It
  6. 6. Sample Deliverables by Project PhaseDiscovery Strategy Design Create ManageStakeholders Content Content Copydeck Content Audit Findings Strategy Inventory CompetitiveCompetitive Voice/Tone Workflow Audit Audit Messaging Governance Metrics AnalysisAudit Content Framework PlanData/Metrics Editorial Analysis Calendar
  7. 7. Course ObjectivesKnow what you’re doing with content, good and badKnow what your competitors are doing with contentIdentify opportunities to improve your content by auditingit and by auditing your competitors
  8. 8. Discovery
  9. 9. BehaviorsAnalyticsUser surveysFocus groupsUser interviewsBest practicesBenchmarking
  10. 10. What’s the businessobjective?ExamplesImprove usability of checkout processBenchmark articles against professional publicationsReview and improve CTAsIdentify 5 quick wins through improving contentAssess cross-promotional opportunities across siteAssess effectiveness of content in meeting user needsRedesign a site to make it responsive
  11. 11. What does the user need?Content that’s usefulContent that’s understandableContent that’s credible, informative, uniqueSharable contentClear communication about what you do, why you do it,why it matters, what they can doSimple, easy ways to accomplish their goals
  12. 12. Competitive Audit
  13. 13. Lots of usesLearn about the landscapeIdentify best practicesIdentify common patterns and approachesDifferentiate your executionAssess against a set of criteriaIdentify weaknesses and strengthsValidate recommendations
  14. 14. Learn about the landscapeClad’s magazine-stylecontent on Clad livesin the Damn GoodAdvice section.JCrew’s editorialfeatures—Jack KnowsBest, The Always List,and Spotlight—offertips, how-tos, andproducts for ampingup your style.
  15. 15. Identify best practicesNavigation is ambiguous.The term “Natural Learning” has no tangible correlation to specific types of information.
  16. 16. Identify best practicesNavigation labels in category tend to be direct and obvious.Implication: Kashi’s navigation labels risk confusing users.
  17. 17. Differentiate your execution
  18. 18. Assess against a set of criteria
  19. 19. Zoom Hot Spots VideoNot available or very limited Not available or very limited Not available or very use use limited use Hot spots on small/medium Tutorial videos or 3rd-Limited or hard-to-use zoom image, no icons, or static party (e.g. Sell point) info overview pop-upsZoom with some controls and Hero image w/expandable hot High-quality videos for satisfactory detail spots, detail info on hover flagship products Hero image w/expandable hotFull-screen, two-stage zoom, Quality (720p) videos for spots, detail w/visuals, info on with hover “loupe” wide product range hover World-class execution World-class execution World-class execution
  20. 20. Site Zoom Hot Spots Video LG Blackberry Motorola Apple‣ Category insight: Best in-category sites deliver robust product detailing and in-situ visuals, including strong videos, that highlight smart phones’ social capabilities.
  21. 21. Motorola uses product photography and zoom to highlight the design and show off the details. Blackberry offers an extensive list of videos to help existing or new users understand exactly how things work. LG uses video to highlight, the fun, social experiences the product makes possible.Opportunities: Use video content to highlight emotional product qualities that make phones fun & social. Extend video content to detail how to do everyday activities.
  22. 22. Content Audits
  23. 23. Many things to auditNavigationProduct copyMessagingArticlesConsistency in languageCalls to action (CTAs)SEO-optimizationHomepageContent types
  24. 24. NavigationWhat does the Cereal Finder, Recyclebank, Tasty Fiber, the REAL Project or any of the othersections here have to do with “Events”?Risk: Navigation that doesn’t appropriately reflect the content can prevent users from findingit.Opportunity: Renaming the “Events” section so that it the label reflects the content with in itwill let users know what they’re getting and why to click.
  25. 25. MessagingThe primary block of text on the page tells what theorganization does, but the message is passive.Risks: Bureaucratic-level impactzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Opportunities: Show impact through a startling infographic,provide a pathway for citizens looking to solve a problem, oruse an active headline to encourage engagement.Objective: Drive engagementUser Goal: Make info useful
  26. 26. CTAs Clear, single use of CTA delivers a defined, primary action for users come to the homepage promo.Multiple CTAs and lots of copy risks confusing usersabout what the site wants them to do. What is the Objective: Increase sign ups or donationsprimary communication objective? User Goal: Effective calls to action
  27. 27. Homepage What is priority of donation? Would integrating it as navigation increase conversion? Could a CTA like “See how we make a difference” to learn more help users navigate? HTML title tags lack metadata and keywords that could help drive SEO. Stronger titles that use keywords could increase clarity for intended audience and SEO on news items. Objective: Optimize the home page User Goal: Accomplish key tasks easily
  28. 28. Content typesSometimes the audit needs to identify how much ofwhat type of content you have to inform futureplanning.
  29. 29. Offer actionable recommendations
  30. 30. HomeworkDo a competitive audit and/or content audit for yourorganization. Define a set of criteria and objectives foryour work up front. Look at how competitor sites dothings. Look at how your site does it. Summarize findingsand identify recommendations.We’ll talk about your work next week!Meanwhile, see you online.