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Help Your Sister: Be a Brave Hearted Rebel at Work

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Keynote speech to the International Forum on Quality and Safety Healthcare, Gothenberg, Sweden, April 15, 2016.

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Help Your Sister: Be a Brave Hearted Rebel at Work

  1. 1. Interna'onal Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare HELP YOUR SISTER! Be a Brave-Hearted Rebel at Work @LoisKelly 4.15.16
  2. 2. @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016
  3. 3. "Change. Save. Sustain. In Partnership with Pa'ents.” AND Your Brave-Hearted Rebels! @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016
  4. 4. ! TROUBLEMAKER! ! ! REBEL! Problems! Possibilities! Complain! Create! Me-focused! Mission-focused! Pessimist! Optimist! Energy-sapping! Energy-creating! Alienate! Attract! Alone! Together! @RebelsatWork! @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016
  5. 5. Help your sister.! @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016
  6. 6. She’s not a team player. She doesn’t know how things work around here. She’s just a nurse practitioner. Who does she think she is? @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016
  7. 7. @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016
  8. 8. @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016 A Handbook for Leading Change from Within Lois Kelly & Carmen Medina REBELS AT WORK “Rebels at Work is the essential guide to rocking the boat. From the trenches, Lois Kelly and Carmen Medina outline how to gain credibility, pitch ideas, navigate politics, manage conflict, and maintain sanity.” —Adam Grant, Wharton professor and New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take What’s a rebel to do?!
  9. 9. @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016 Do it together. !
  10. 10. “When just 10% of the population holds an unshakeable belief, their beliefs will always be accepted by the majority.”! 10% tipping point Network research scien'sts, Rensselaer Polytechnic Ins'tute h"p://news.rpi.edu/luwakkey/2902
  11. 11. @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016 Conflict Curiosity!
  12. 12. Self care: 
 Know when to quit! No one has your back! Values not shared! Relationships fraying! @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016
  13. 13. @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016 ! How to make ‘rebel’ a welcome norm?! !
  14. 14. @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016
  15. 15. “…a sense of confidence that the team will not embarrass, reject or punish someone for speaking up…a team climate characterized by interpersonal trust and mutual respect in which people are comfortable being themselves.”! ! Amy Edmondson, Harvard Business School! @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016 PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY!
  16. 16. APPRECIATION CHARACTER STRENGTHS Making it safe! @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016
  17. 17. More trusting. More likely to help. Stronger self-worth. ! People are less likely to express gratitude ! at work than any other place in their lives.! John Templeton Founda'on study, 2013 @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016
  18. 18. Appreciate, recognize diverse strengths! Creativity ! Curiosity ! Judgment ! Love of Learning! Perspective ! Bravery ! Perseverance ! Honesty! ! Zest ! Love ! Kindness ! Social Intelligence! Teamwork ! Fairness ! Leadership ! Forgiveness! Humility ! Prudence ! Self- Regulation ! Gratitude! Appreciation of Beauty/ Excellence! Hope ! Humor ! Spirituality! ! www.viacharacter.org @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016
  19. 19. Confidence! Self-esteem! Optimism! Organizations focused on strengths:! 77% of employees say they are flourishing, engaged, able to make things happen at work.! ! 71% of employees who believe their managers can name their strengths feel engaged and energized by their work. !  !VIA Ins'tute on Character @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016
  20. 20. @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016 Strength! Intolerance! Absence! Bravery! She’s so pushy.! He wants attention.! ! Spinelessness! Curiosity! We don’t have time to think about that.! ! Complacency! Creativity! Is it proven?! Where’s the data?! Conformity! ! The perils of ignoring strengths!
  21. 21. @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016 “The more people surrounding us who are kind, or curious, or full of hope, the greater our own likelihood of acting in these ways. ! ! All are winners when someone acts in accordance with his or her strengths and virtues."!
  22. 22. Find your rebel wild pack.! Turn to curiosity amid conflict.! Know when to quit.! ! Make it safe.! Appreciate strengths and differences.! @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016
  23. 23. Be not afraid.! @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016
  24. 24. @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016
  25. 25. @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016
  26. 26. Help your sisters and brothers.! @LoisKelly @RebelsAtWork #Quality2016 Especially your rebels.!