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How iPaaS Overcomes the Challenges of Cloud Integration

  1. How iPaaS Overcomes the Challenges of Cloud Integration Daniel Chilcott Managing Director/Co-Founder, Flowgear
  2. Agenda • About iPaaS • About Flowgear • 4 Ways to Integrate • 8 Challenges of Integration • Customer Stories • Questions
  3. About iPaaS • “Integration Platform as a Service” (part of the PaaS family) • Term coined by technology research firm Gartner • Refers to a cloud-based platform that provides integration middleware capability
  4. About Flowgear • South African company founded 2007 • Vision is to make integration accessible • Recognized in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integration Platform as a Service, Jan 2014. One of 17 vendors, globally. • Flowgear service is delivered from US, Europe and Africa
  5. Four Ways to Integrate • Hand Coding • Integration Middleware • Cloud-based Integration Platform (iPaaS) • Integration Brokerage
  6. Pro’s • Quick to build • Cost effective Con’s • No control • Hard to maintain Use For… • Simple integrations • Low-impact requirement • Ground-to-ground 1 of 4: Hand Coding
  7. 2 of 4: Integration Middleware aka ESB Pro’s • Very structured • Highly scalable Con’s • Costly • Requires infrastructure investment Use For… • High-volume requirements • Low-latency requirements • Ground-to-ground • Extensive integration strategy
  8. 3 of 4: Cloud-based Integration Platform aka iPaaS Pro’s • Fast time to value • Cloud friendly • Subscription-based Con’s • Not as efficient for ground to ground integration Use For… • Cloud to ground and Cloud to Cloud requirements • Extensive integration strategy
  9. 4 of 4: Integration Brokerage aka VAN/EDI Switch Pro’s • Outsourced implementation • Mostly pre-built Con’s • Often charged as % of revenue • Limited endpoints/solutions • Often file-based Use For… • Total outsource • Specific solutions
  10. Four Ways to Integrate Hand Coding (outsourced) Integration Middleware Cloud-based Integration Platform Integration Brokerage Time to value 5 4 3 2 1 0 Setup Cost Ongoing Cost Flexibility Degree of structure Control
  11. Challenges of Cloud to Ground Integration • Virtually all enterprises use a combination of Cloud and ground (on-premise software) • IT department used to be able to forklift data between systems • API’s force proper interaction • The Internet isn’t always on!
  12. Challenge #1 Cost • Before iPaaS, enterprise needed to deploy costly ESB’s • As a Cloud service, iPaaS is available on a subscription (often monthly) that aligns with the features required • No additional infrastructure is required
  13. Challenge #2 Platform Management • Managing availability and updates to integration middleware requires domain expertise • In iPaaS, a highly-available environment is provided with no maintenance required by Enterprise • Components of the Flowgear Platform are updated monthly
  14. Challenge #3 Knowing Where To Start • Applications expect data to be supplied in a specific way • Flowgear brings samples right into the design area to accelerate productivity
  15. Challenge #4 Connecting Disparate Data Sources • Flowgear DropPoints are software agents installed on application or database servers • Creates a secured, outbound, fault tolerant connection • Enables Flowgear to access data sources in different networks without any extra work – no VPN’s, no file transfers
  16. Challenge #5 Bridging Old And New • On-premise systems typically use older techniques for communication • Cloud services have API’s • Flowgear supports old and new techniques and allows communication to flow seamlessly
  17. Challenge #6 Software Gets Upgraded • During workflow design, Flowgear locks the specific product version being integrated • Users are able to upgrade the version used in the workflow when they’re ready
  18. Challenge #7 Things Go Wrong • When an integration fails, enterprise needs the ability to get to root cause quickly • Flowgear logs every single action taken so developers can step through problem integrations to determine the cause
  19. Challenge #8 Keeping Control When Requirements Change • Enterprise needs to be nimble to stay ahead • Often, that implies changes to integration processes • An iPaaS platform provides one place to manage all integrations • Flowgear supports agility in integration by allowing iterative changes to be made easily
  20. Customer Story: Maxidor • Flowgear integrates tablet app for contractors to Sage Evolution • Pilot rollout handled over 100’s of orders in June • Orders available instantly • Eliminate capture error • Responsive customer service “It’s one of the best partnerships I’ve had in a while – it’s been a streamlined process from the beginning…we want to redo all of our reporting using Flowgear and get everything into the cloud” Yasheen Partab, IT Manager Maxidor manufactures, distributes, sells and installs custom safety and security solutions.
  21. Customer Story: Impak Onderwysdiens • Flowgear integrates student applications from a third party product into Sage Evolution • Handles payment allocations and invoicing for all applications • Handles integration with logistics vendor for track and trace • Integrated 1000’s of orders for the 2014 academic year “We have more efficiencies in system – more visibility, better customer relations – giving more detail about what we charged, value delivered.” Germari Pieterse, Financial Director Impak provides parents with the necessary products and services to educate their children at home or at an Impak Academic Centre
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