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Russia_Market business opportunities and events 2018

  1. 30.1.2018 Maritime Business Day Russian market: Business Opportunities and Events 2018 Alexey Zak
  2. Russian shipbuilding. Key figures . Number of vessels (2016) • 66 vessels under construction • 40 vessels delivered to customers Estimated turnover of USC in 2017: 4,6-4,9 bln EUR (320-340 bln RUR) Estimated growth of USC turnover in 2017: 10-12% Order book of USC: 14,6 bln EUR (1 trillion RUR) Share of civil orders in portfolio: 33 %
  3. Russian shipbuilding. Key figures Russian shipbuilding industry: • 182 companies, including 133 shipyards and other production companies, 49 design and research companies • Total headcount about 170 000 Subcontractors of shipbuilding industry: • About 2000 companies • Total headcount about 530 000
  4. Building of new fishing fleet of Russia at Russian shipyards • Priority for fishing companies, ordering new fishing vessels in Russia • 42 vessels already ordered. Total value about 1,2 bln. Euros. • Estimation for additional orders in the near future about 20 vessels and more vessels in the future • Localization level 50% • Shipyards involved: Vyborg, Pella, Severnaya, Yantar
  5. Russian icebreakers Ship owner Icebreakers under operation Icebreakers under construction Rosatomflot 4 4 Rosmorport 22 1 Rosmorrechflot 3 Ministry of defence - 1 Murmansk Shipping Company 1 - North Shipping Company 1 - Femco 1 - Sovcomflot 5 2 Gazpromneft - 2 Lukoil 1 - Gazprom 2 -
  6. Zvezda (Star) shipyard • Biggest Russian shipyard in the future • Control by Russian state oil major Rosneft • Specialization: vessels for transportation of hydrocarbons, service vessels for offshore, offshore objects. • Foreign partners: Hyundai, Damen
  7. Order book and potential of Zvezda-shipyrad • Orders: 14 vessels, including Aframax-class tankers, icebreaker, service and supply vessels for offshore projects • Goal of Rosneft management: to build more than 130 vessels and offshore object at the shipyard until 2035 • Welcome to join Team Finland Bus. Mission to Zvezda 12.2, DL for enrolment is today!
  8. Arctic LNG-2 project. Novatek • Yamal LNG and Arctic LNG-2 will be one of the lagiest LNG pkants in the world with total capacity 32 mln q.m. of LNG a year, total investments about 26 bln USD (preliminary evaluation) • First deliveries of LNG to the customers in 2017 • Kola shipyard under construction • Need for about 15 new VLCCs • Negotations on buillding of LNG production moduls at Russian shipyards (number of shipyards, including shipyards from Arkhagelsk area, St. Petersburg, Astrakhan competing for these orders)
  9. Key trends in Russian shipbuilding • Gowth of protectionism in all parts of value chain (oil and gas exploration, transportation, shipbuilding and offshore industry, production of equipment, solutions and components, design) • Priority for equipment, solitions and components, made in Russia in state owned companies’ procurements • Consolidation of the industry by state owned companies: United Shipbuilding Corp., Rosneft, Kalashikov • Gowth of the role of Arctic and Nortern Sea Routh
  10. Russia Dates of the marine/offshore exhibitions, seminars/conferences/venues in 2018 Event City, venue Dates Team Finland Business Mission to Zvezda- shipyard, workshop with SCF-shipping company Vladivostok area, Zvezda Moscow, SCF 12-14.2 Finnish-Russian Arctic workshop St. Petersburg, General Consulate 5.4? Russian Shipbuilding. Global trends. Conference. FIN-RUS localization workshop St. Petersburg, Lenexpo 12-13.4 Big Port of St. Petersburg Conference FIN-RUS ICT workshop St. Petersburg, tbc End of May-beginning of June Offshore Marintek Exhibition and conference St. Petersburg, Expoforum 2-5.10
  11. Welcome to explore Russian maritime market with us! Thank you!