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Oo.com.au - APAC local success story

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Oo.com.au - APAC local success story

  1. 1. Case Study | AU Results • 10X ROI on Facebook advertising spend • 3,000 leads/month generated from Facebook • Facebook exclusive free delivery campaign delivered revenue of over Online retailer sees 10X ROI on Facebook $7,000 AUD in just 3 hours and 20% above average order value advertising spend • Christmas campaign generated revenue of over $30,000 AUD in just 6 days using Facebook Ads” Goals oo.com.au used Facebook to: • Build stronger bonds with its customers “Shopping is inherently social and platforms like • Create an engaging environment t0 develop brand Facebook not only give oo.com.au a chance to advocacy promote great products and develop brand loyalty, • Generate leads through contests and promotions but also an opportunity to build long lasting relationships with our customers.” Approach Build The retailer focused on creating a social shopping Alfredo Caballero environment on the Page.Connect Online Marketing Manager • Profile photo clearly mentions the store name renders oo.com.auEngage well in the ads Reach • Cover photo depicts the latest products on saleInfluence • Apps are hosted as Page tabs and feature promotions Build Engage and contests • “About” section provides complete details of the store, including physical address • Check-ins are enabled at physical store location BuildConnect Facebook Ads are utilized to drive users to the company’s Page on Facebook.Engage • Contests for free giveaways advertised to prospects Reach Build • Ads were created for special occasions and events likeInfluence Valentines DayConnectEngage The store keeps its 50K strong fans engaged with the brand by: Reach Build • Hosting contests via appsInfluenceConnect • Posting about promotions and limited time offersEngage • Notifying fans about products available at the online store Connect Influence ReachInfluence The company used Facebook to amplify the brand’s exposure and reach friends of its fans. • Used sponsored stories to connect with friends of fans and drive acquisition of customers with similar oo.com.au is Australia’s leading online department store. demographics. facebook.com/oo.com.au • Used Promoted posts increase sharing of content Facebook: Building Essential Connections