precision agriculture agriculture ict open data open source farm agri-food telematics of farm machinery geospatial data repositories api advanced rich interfaces storage data import processing and display creation cloud based services library extjs 5 visualization widgets and dashboard event based notification services reporting and alerts relation types use cases and requirements iso/iec 10746- 1:1998 iso rm-odp architecture according to simon’s brown c4 metho foodie cloud platform ogc wps standard wcf technology restful paradigm linked data semantic tagging open data publication tools ogc a visual interface for yield forecasting and recom registration and validation of management zones satellite data registration of treatments and treatment plans. agro-climatic conditions estimation of yield potential zones deployment of all agro-meteorological stations open geospatial consortium geoss (global earth observation system of systems) monitoring units lpis data anonymized data orthoimages service platform software development food software foodie service platform specification #agrifood service farm oriented open data semantic annotation service eu project data fusion tools efficient representation of data. foodie services foodie service platform hub on-line open data for agriculture production moodle platform standards data sources repositories agricultural services #opendata #precisionagricolture tactical planning precision viticulture
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