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Farewell Boleyn report Final

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Farewell Boleyn report Final

  1. 1. W e s t H a m U n i t e d # F a r e w e l l B o l e y n D i g i t a l R e p o r t 9 / 5 / 1 6 – 1 3 / 5 / 2 0 1 6
  2. 2. Executive Summary: • We grew by 84,279 followers across Facebook and Twitter. • We achieved 6.4 million views on Facebook and our content was shared over 102,000 times, 50,000 more times than any other Premier League club. • 128k tweets were sent using the #FarewellBoleyn worldwide. • We achieved 6.8 million video views, 15% of our yearly Facebook video views in this five-day period. • We worked with Snapchat to create a unique geo-filter and achieved record numbers. • We utilized Facebook Live to bring our fans closer to the action. • A-list celebrities such as Keira Knightly, Triple H, James Corden and David Beckham showed their support ahead of our game and during the closing ceremony.
  3. 3. We achieved record Snapchat numbers for the final game at the Boleyn: 24,200 27,500 Week 14 Week 15 Snapchat Peak Views 33k followers (awaiting an update) The negative result affected the viewing figures for the Swansea We started the day with a Snapchat tour of the Boleyn and covered the post match ceremony on Snapchat
  4. 4. We achieved 6,485,000 video views in this five day period For the first time this season our enagement rate was the higher than Leicester’s, and therefore the highest of any Premier League club. VIDEO VIEWS ENGAGEMENT RATE: We were trending on Facebook and posted record numbers:
  5. 5. We grew by 1.6% We acquired 26,368 new fans on Facebook during this five day period:
  6. 6. Our content was shared over 100,000 times: NUMBER OF SHARES: We generated 102,535 shares over this five day period. This was over 50,000 more shares than any other Premier League club (Manchester United have over 60 million fans). POST REACH: We reached a total of 22.4 million people across the five days. We typically average 8-10 million reach per week.
  7. 7. ENGAGEMENT RATE: #FarewellBoleyn was trending on Twitter: Our engagement rate on Twitter was the highest of any Premier league club on Twitter. 128k tweets were sent on the day of the game using #FarewellBoleyn
  8. 8. We achieved considerable growth on Twitter over this five day period: Our follower number grew by 7.4% on Twitter (57,911) GROWTH RATE:
  9. 9. ENGAGEMENT RATE: Our organic growth on Instagram hit an all time high: Our engagement rate on Instagram was the second highest of any club in the Premier League. GROWTH RATE: Our growth rate on Instagram (3.2%) was the second highest of any club in the Premier League.
  10. 10. Weibo – 15,415 followers WeChat – 2,351 Twitter Indo – 1132 Twitter Japan – 631 Twitter Malaysia – 112 (just launched) Asian Social Media numbers
  11. 11. We smashed video views records - With 6.8m video views and 442k reaction around the Farewell Boleyn game, our video content was highly engaging and shareable – giving us our best-ever results. - 6.8m views is our strongest five-day period - With 889k views, our Facebook Live video of the scenes at the final whistle was our best performing video, both in terms of views and interactions. With 95,873 reactions, this figure sits well above the 2.2k average. - The video was also shared over 8,000 times – compared to an average of 497. - We supplemented this with coverage of the closing ceremony, the final goal at the Boleyn Ground in 360 degree vision and more.
  12. 12. On Twitter, we posted build up video every hour in the lead up to the game, with half-hourly stats videos - This helped us achieve Tweet impressions for the day of 12.6m. - That figure is by far our best daily reach – our next 24-hour period in 2016 saw us hit 6.9m impressions. - The key stats video had 327k impressions alone. - Our biggest Tweet of the day reached 682k people – and played on the emotion of victory in the final game with a powerful graphic.
  13. 13. We also ramped up our Snapchat output with a bespoke geofilter for fans to use on the day - Snapchat curated a live story from the game, pushing several of our Snaps to an audience far beyond our followership. - Supporters at the Stadium were able to mark their Snaps with a bespoke image of the Boleyn Ground which we produced in conjunction with Snapchat. - Our match story was watched by record numbers – 27.5k – and featured an interactive stadium tour, live coverage of the closing ceremony and more.
  14. 14. Celebrities showed their backing for the Club on the day, using the #FarewellBoleyn message - We had support from Hollywood with Keira Knightley recording a message for us, which we used across Twitter and on the stadium screens on the day. - Other personalities with massive followings, such as WWE wrestler Triple H, posted using the hashtag on Twitter. - David Beckham, with his 22.9m Instagram followers, posted to say how touched he was by the Club highlighting 100-year-old Mabel Arnold during the closing ceremony.
  15. 15. Celebrities showed their backing for the Club on the day, using the #FarewellBoleyn message
  16. 16. The event was covered widely by the media at home and abroad
  17. 17. These numbers were replicated on Instagram, where we achieved record likes with striking imagery - Our image of the fireworks signalling the end of our time at the Boleyn Ground, was liked 16.7k times – around three times the number on the average post. - A number of other images reached the 10k figure on likes, including an emotional Slaven Bilic at the final whistle and Paolo Di Canio under the spotlight.