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3x multi infographic

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Ericsson's 3xMulti approach to radio network evolution to help operators understand how best to manage the complex mix of multiple standards, bands, and layers as efficiently as possible, both individually and as a whole ecosystem.

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3x multi infographic

  1. 1. growth in smartphone traffic between 2014-2020 10x of mobile data traffic will come from video in 2020 60% mobile subscriptions by the end of 2020 9.2Billion 2 0 2 0 Operators are facing ever higher capacity demands, driven by smartphone usage and the future of the Internet of Things 1 Ericsson has solutions to support an efficient network evolution, on the road to 5G3 3xMulti Operators will need to handle highly complex, multi-dimensional net- works, with an evolving mix of radio standards, bands and layers 2 A fully integrated and coordinated RAN with the best App Coverage and the lowest TCO Vision All technologies needed beyond 2020 Multi-standard GSM WCDMA LTE Population Coverage by 3GPP Technologies In 2020 operators will need up to 150Mhz spectrum, in up to 10 frequency bands Multi-band 2014 ≈90% 2020 GSM/EDGE ≈95% 2014 ≈65% 2020 WCDMA/HSPA ≈90% 2014 ≈40% 2020 LTE >70% Small cells complementing the macro network in high- density and indoor areas Multi-layer new way of thinking 3xmulti ran evolution GSM WCDMA LTE CA FDD/TDD Free up more spectrum for MBB expansion 10x data 50% lessspectrum 3xvoice Thin Layer GSM Single standard Multi standard energy savings with Multi Standard Mixed Mode 30% Delivering solutions for a 3xMulti world Ericsson Radio System LTE Carrier Aggregation improves user experience and data speed 1000 MBPS 150 MBPS x3 HSPA Dual Band Multi Carrier increases capacity due to efficient utilization of spectrum capacity increase 40% Integrated and Coordinated small cells up to reduced TCO 70%