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Careers: Digital Media

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In August 2013 I represented the Digital Media career at the Barossa Pathways to Employment careers expo and provided attendees (mainly high school students) with an overview of the many, varied, and ever-changing career options.

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Careers: Digital Media

  1. 1. Pathways to Employment: Digital Media Erica Nistico, Scout Digital Marketing @enistico @ScoutSocial scoutdm.com.au
  2. 2. My Career Path… 2002: Graduated Bachelor of Visual Communication, Graphic Design (with honors) 2003-2005: Worked as Graphic Designer 2005-2008: Design Manager, Design Studio 2008-2010: Creative Manager, Web Studio 2010-2012: Digital Strategist, Digital Agency 2012– : Digital Marketing Consultant
  3. 3. Social Media Timeline
  4. 4. As a Digital Marketer… Develop SEO, digital and social media marketing strategies Implement strategy recommendations Update and optimise digital channels Develop and manage digital campaigns: social media campaigns/competitions online advertising campaigns Digital reporting and refinement
  5. 5. Digital Media Roles Range of different work situations: Agency-side Client-side Freelance or Consultant Start-up
  6. 6. Digital Media Roles The broad categories: Design Development Content Marketing and Advertising Management
  7. 7. Digital Media Roles - Design Digital Designer Interface Designer Mobile App Designer UX Designer (UX = User Experience)
  8. 8. Digital Media Roles - Development Front-end, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Back-end, e.g. CMS integration (Content Management System) Software Developer Mobile App Developer Different programming languages
  9. 9. Digital Media Roles - Content Copywriting Video content Design Illustration Animation Infographics Content collation and aggregation
  10. 10. Digital Media Roles - Marketing & Advertising Digital Marketer Social Media Marketer Email Marketer Mobile Marketer Online advertising PPC advertising (Google Adwords, PPC = Pay Per Click)
  11. 11. Digital Media Roles - Management Project Manager Account Manager Community Manager Social Media Manager eCommerce Manager CRM Manager (Customer Relationship Management)
  12. 12. Digital Media Roles - Other Digital Strategist Social Strategist Search Engine Optimiser Digital Reporting/Analytics Analyst Digital Entrepreneur
  13. 13. Digital Media Roles Specialist: Focus on one key area Generalist: Work across a range of areas More common in Australia (especially smaller states) Flexibility Mix of tasks
  14. 14. “I'm an accidental marketer coming by way of a career in music and journalism. You can have the greatest technical skills in the world but if you don't get people, you aren't going to get far in social media which is why the most important qualities to have are empathy and a good listening ear.” - Mal Chia, Digital Marketer malchia.com
  15. 15. “Communications is so important - people will never take you seriously if you can't write well, spell, and know how to take a ‘key message’ and turn it into something engaging for the specific audience.” - Kate Potter, Hughes PR
  16. 16. “I started out studying accounting. Seriously! I always knew I wanted to write which has led me to experience a range of things: PR, copywriting, project management etc. I think being ballsy and experimenting are the key in the industry..” - Vanessa Jones, Jones the Writer
  17. 17. “You need to be able to write. You need to understand your audience. You need to be able to look through the filter of ‘Would anyone actually care about this?’ Often brands push their own agenda without offering the audience any benefit. You also need to have an inexhaustible curiosity - this industry is developing and evolving constantly and you'll never keep up, but you should be interested in trying to!” - Suz Koch, Saatchi & Saatchi
  18. 18. “I worked within hospitality for years and learnt a lot about customer service, which can be applied to the way you interact with customers online. Understanding how to communicate with your customer online is key, however this needs to follow an overall strategic approach and plan.” - Sophie Liddy, Nucleus Media
  19. 19. “I started in PR. I think understanding how business works is crucial so you can develop strategies and products to support the bottom line. Anyone can learn digital skills but knowing how to implement them properly is the key.” - Kelly Noble, Glam Adelaide
  20. 20. “I started out training to be a journalist and my job certainly didn't exist then… but luckily for me, lots of the skills I learned during journalism have translated into the social media work I do now. I think it's still important to isolate a few things "you love doing", hone those skills, and then explore the many career paths that can take you through…” - Michelle Prak, Prakky
  21. 21. “Social media can only be an effective tool for businesses/marketers if used to serve business or marketing objectives. An understanding of how businesses work, the markets they operate in, consumers they serve and marketing theories serve as a good foundation for good social media practice.” - Rubina Carlson, Nucleus Media
  22. 22. “Being a business owner of a branding and digital studio for 4 years now the most important skills are customer service and relationship building. You can learn technical skills but to have trust from a client is gold!” - Astrid Varga, We Create Brands
  23. 23. “Throughout my various career paths, communication and management have been extremely important - both of which I now bring to my business in social media and digital marketing. Passion and enjoyment of what you do are extremely important.” - Tania Shirgwin, BizEez Communications
  24. 24. Digital Media - Tips Read and learn: Blogs eBooks email marketing Teach yourself: how to videos try it out, coding, reporting etc
  25. 25. Digital Media - Tips Practise: Own blog or website, based on interests Own online community Content Coding/set up Reporting with Google Analytics etc Experiment
  26. 26. Digital Media - Summary Digital skills can be learnt Communication skills are key Understand brand personality and goals Understand target audiences Balance of creativity and measurability Focus on strategy, organisation and planning Must be flexible
  27. 27. Digital Media - Summary Competitive Demonstrate knowledge and interest Demonstrate abilities Can be long hours, blur between personal and work lives Constantly learning and updating skills Difficult to be an “expert” And it’s a lot of fun…
  28. 28. Thank you! Erica Nistico, Scout Digital Marketing @enistico @ScoutSocial scoutdm.com.au