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Resume EA3 27MAY16

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Resume EA3 27MAY16

  1. 1. Eric Arill ericarill@hotmail.com 10511 Willow DR. +1-513-288-7133 Symmes Township, OH 45140-1810 S u m m a r y Bi-lingual Credit and Collections Manager. Responsible for engaging, managing and working to directly improve the activities of credit and collections department. Handling all the aspects of account management, collaborating with Sales department. Self-starter and excellent team player. Diversified experience in planning, development, implementation and support. Looking to obtain a challenging position in sales or account management, ready to handle difficult tasks. Very numbers driven and sales oriented. P r o f e s s i o n a l E x p e r i e n c e Robert Half International Inc., Cincinnati, OH, USA Accountemps 05/17/2016 – Present Consultant: B2B collections, review credit and collections procedures. Insight Global, Cincinnati, OH USA 01/18/2016-05/12/2016 Consultant: Bilingual Customer Service Representative for a company servicing credit cards, payment processing and Merchant Services. Robert Half International Inc., Cincinnati, OH, USA Accountemps 11/16/2015 – 01/15/2016 Consultant: B2B collections, verify the validity and research customer complaints of the charges. Office Team 09/14/2015 – 10/23/2015 Consultant: Translator: Safety policies and procedures, HR Documents. Axcess Financial Corp., Cincinnati, OH, USA 01/2014 - 06/2015 Centralized Reconciliation Unit – Accounting Specialist III General Function: Conduct a variety of investigations in the planning, development, and implementation of new projects. Research and resolve reconciling items caused by technical data issues. - Research, interpret and provide explanations on reconciling items and/or system issues and suggest improvements and solutions to avoid new problems. Proactively identify and resolve any issues related to general ledger balance sheet accounts. Elof Hansson USA Inc. - Credit Department, Milford, OH, USA 02/2007 - 07/2013 International Credit Manager Synopsis: Responsible for accounts receivable and collections, review of letters of credits, regulations. - Supervised the collections process and the accounts receivable of customers from South America, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean and USA. - Involved in the sales process, following up the production process, shipping and delivery time required by customer or credit terms. -Started a credit risk management environment of acceptable quality, in terms of established credit guidelines that included developing sound, acceptable credit policies.
  2. 2. -Created monthly AR reports which included a monthly analysis of delinquent accounts. Reporting on the highest risk accounts with recommendations for resolution. -Negotiated payment arrangements, interests and cash settlements. -- Determined a collection problem that greatly improved companies bottom-line and resulted in additional savings. Investigated and stopped bleeding of the unnecessary spending. Resulted in millions of dollars in savings to the company. Perez Trading Co. Inc., Miami, Florida, USA 09/1994 - 11/2006 Area Credit Manager - Responsible for letters of credit, regulations, accounts receivable and collections. - Supervised the collections process and the accounts receivable of customers from South America, Puerto Rico, Lesser Antilles and USA. - Responsible for new and actual clients’ accounts maintenance, credit terms and lines of credit. - Direct contacts with major banks throughout the market. - Inventory control. - Involved in the sales process, following up the production process, shipping and delivery time required by customer or credit terms. FAG Interamericana AG, Miami, Florida, USA 10/1986 - 08/1994 Import / Export Coordinator Supervisor -Responsible for reviewing sales and purchase orders, letters of credit and all import requirements of the destination country. - Acknowledge of import documentation (214) and export documentation (7512) land, ocean, Customs for import/export from the Miami Free Trade Zone. - Approval of all traffic related bills for the account payable department. - Credit Management - Audited delegation offices in Mexico, Venezuela and Argentina. - Found and corrected an error of double billing that cost the company an average of $20,000 a month over a year. - Supervised the collection process and the account receivable updates of customers. - Responsible for new products and clients' account maintenance. - Updated the "SAP" program (IBM AS 400) on a daily basis. - Interpreted, disseminated and enforced policies and procedures. Customer Service Representative - CSR / Sales Coordinator - Responsible for all functions of customer service and sales. - Provided, updated and distributed product specifications, prices and availability. - Promoted and advertised new products to customers. - Imported merchandise from Germany for distribution throughout the world concentrating primarily in the Latin American market. E D U C A T I O N University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Degree: Bachelor of Arts Miami Dade Community College, Miami, Florida AIB - American Institute of Banking Letter of Credit Certificate S K I L L S Spanish, Word, Excel, Commerce@works, Fortis, RightFax, MS NAV.