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The Most Affordable Cities To Live In

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Ephraim Vashovsky provides a list of US cities that are affordable to live in.

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The Most Affordable Cities To Live In

  1. 1. The Most Affordable Cities to Live In BY EPHRAIM VASHOVSKY
  2. 2. With skyrocketing costs of living and sluggish wages, the search is on for affordable cities. College students, working professionals, couples, families, and retirees demand thriving cities where the dollar stretches further. While affordable living covers every region, this list summarizes the cities where it appears on the list the most times.
  3. 3. Omaha, NE The only city appearing on all lists is Omaha, Nebraska. Earn more money and pay fewer expenses in this large metro area. Job opportunities are aplenty in insurance, logistics, agricultural, tech, business, and energy firms to offset the tiny increase in the cost of living.
  4. 4. Buffalo, NY When people think of New York State, Buffalo rarely comes to mind, and that’s a shame. Buffalo gets eye rolls for the blizzards, but it’s a large metro area with perpetual amenities, a shorter commute, and excellent primary, secondary, and higher education. The city’s cost of living and rental prices are lower than the state average.
  5. 5. Magnificentscenery,vibrantlocalamenities, richhistory,andSpanishflairmakeSan Antonioanunderratedcity.Overshadowedby Dallas,Austin,andHouston,SanAntonio’s housingmarketandgascostsarethelowest ofthefour.  San Antonio, TX
  6. 6. Des Moines, IA Two hours east of Omaha, Des Moines has historic charm, low housing costs, and surprising local amenities that require seeing to believing. Job growth stems from over 80  insurance companies. Additionally, it has a thriving tech community so big it shares the Silicon Prairie nickname with Omaha.
  7. 7. Thank You!For more information, please visit EphraimVashovsky.com