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How to acquire the heart of a great service business

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for freelancers / service business / founders / anyone who wants to explore great service mindset

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How to acquire the heart of a great service business

  2. 2. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. EMMANUEL “MANNY” OMIKUNLE SPONSORED: BJ MANNYST (BJMANNYST.COM) AcquireTheHeartofAGreatServiceBusiness+ GreatProfessionalService It is with great pleasure I share these insights which were inspired by some of the best service providers in the world. I also hope you checkout a complimentary post called, [ 20+ Tips Service Businesses Need, This 4th Quarter, To Be Less Selfish & More “I Do Care”] The competitive advantage you might want to execute on is greatness, specifically great customer experience. I want to still imagine that we still have hearts and long-term vision. Instead of the give me what I want today or I am not going to bother talking to you ever again. That if you just, for example, met a spectacular person at a night club, you would hopefully wish to God you’ve finally found the one. After many years, and sleepless nights with the wrong ones. Clearly what I’m trying to say is great service business is about the long-term vision, constantly being the best business you can be 24/7 365days a year, excellence not just the quick short-term wrestling in the sheets. So what does that perfect love, perfect service business, look like. That perfect service business that does the right things consistency.
  3. 3. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. EMMANUEL “MANNY” OMIKUNLE SPONSORED: BJ MANNYST (BJMANNYST.COM) It usually begins with a clear offer or value-proposition. Which means a customer can clearly see or understand what it is they are selling. What tangible and intangible values that comes with their services. Such as clean washrooms, quality food, service with a smile, etc Their multiple touch points are set to optimal experience unless their business process are purposefully designed for select groups. Such as, certain technical support are available to premium clients. For example, every point of contact is meeting the needs of the contacts and lives up to their companies strategy. They actively focus on delivering performance by constantly keeping their capabilities, efficiency, and effectiveness in check. So that they never fall short. Strive to get it right the first time. Have establish great relationships and partnership with their suppliers, vendors, distributors, employees, managers, etc that are meant to be for the greater good of all the stakeholders. They realize that managing talent and people is crucial. People is really what makes service business tick. Keeping loyal team mates happy, motivated helps sustain greatness. Penny pinching around talent is counter productive. Find great talent and make sure you provide the essentials for them to give their best. They stay on top of trends, things in their industry and outside it. They engage diverse people and are open to ideas from anyway and anyone. A good place to find ideas are conferences, forums, discussions in social media networks, blogs, news, connections. . They can’t help but create superior emotional bonds with internal teams mates, strategic partners and their customers. They embrace individual strengths but encourage team work. They communicate with each other in a healthy productive way and
  4. 4. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. EMMANUEL “MANNY” OMIKUNLE SPONSORED: BJ MANNYST (BJMANNYST.COM) encouraging candor. Each teammate are invested in the success of the organization like a hockey sport team. Knowledge of customers. As a sales rep, customer service rep, and anyone who deals with customers directly knows the act of listening and obtaining more necessary information by asking the right question can be a huge difference between getting the client or going home with nothing. Machine engagement. Automated email responses, automated self-service, auto-dialers that leave generic messages in voice mail are helpful to a certain point. We humans still need contact with other humans. We need telephone, email, and personal conversation to feel connected and social. Integrity. Integrity is greatly appreciated in any relationship. The great service businesses usually have high level of values that they try not to compromise. Encourage sharing of ideas. Innovation doesn’t have to be some out of the box idea all the time, sometimes it’s just small tweaks. The great service business know this Staying invaluable. In a competitive world by keeping up with new knowledge and new skills. They do everything they can to continue to learn and grow their workforce. And are not afraid to get out of comfort. Clients with complaints are gold. We all strive to have satisfied customers however there are time we’ll get the rare angry customer who might think you failed to meet their expectation. The best service business look at complaints and expectations as an opportunity to learn and improve.
  5. 5. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. EMMANUEL “MANNY” OMIKUNLE SPONSORED: BJ MANNYST (BJMANNYST.COM) Speed. The speed and efficiency of customer handling are always greatly appreciated by their customers. They know the faster they can satisfactorily handle a customers journey the quicker they can handle the next person which therefore leads to repeat business.. Be empathetic. Great service business know their customers and clients are experiencing a lot of social & economic pressures. So they always take the time to see the world from their clients eyes. Retailers like Wal-Mart go through a lot of effort to understand what motivates consumers and their behaviors so they can adapt strategy or tactical development faster. They usually know the personas and profiles of their targets. They understand which service will appeal to whom more. What part of community, neighborhood their customers are from, what type of approach would work best for that customer. They know how to tailor their approach based on their customer’s interests. The great thing about great service business is that they know how to audit themselves. It is possible for your organization to have inefficiencies such as duplication of work, none universal tools, lack of clear communication, poor integration of content creation and distribution, confusing brand messages, etc The great ones occasionally conduct marketing audit, contact myself or BJ Mannyst team for more educational material. ***For further assistant with your professional service marketing management or smb service business and to get consultation, contact myself via https://mblog.bjmannyst.com or visit BJ Mannyst (https://home.bjmannyst.com). Test Drive Consulting . Contact Us Today