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Social Audit

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A social audit is a formal review of a company's endeavors, procedures, and code of conduct regarding social responsibility and the company's impact on society. A social audit is an assessment of how well the company is achieving its goals or benchmarks for social responsibility.

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Social Audit

  1. 1. SOCIAL AUDIT Dr Emmanuel Daniel Faculty of Social Work
  2. 2. Contents What is Social Audit? Definitions of Social Audit Objectives of Social Audit Components of Social Audit
  3. 3. What is Social Audit? Audit Public disclosure of a company’s social performance Internal evaluation of a company’s social responsibility performance Inspect a company’s procedures to improve its social performance Balance between social responsibility and making profits Source- https://www.marketing91.com/social-audit/ https://accountlearning.com/social-audit-definition-objectives-need-disclosure-of-information/
  4. 4. Definitions of Social Audit The social audit is an idea whose time has come, but which is not ready to be taken off the drawing board and put to work - Melvin Aushen A commitment to systematic assessment of and reporting on some meaningful, definable domain of a company’s activities that have a social impact- Boweni Source- https://www.marketing91.com/social-audit/
  5. 5. Objectives of Social Audit To assess the impact on the local communities To identify the social gaps To assess the conditions of work To formulate initiatives for the development of local communities To understand fair price of the goods produced for the consumers To ensure whether the resources are being used effectively Source- https://www.marketing91.com/social-audit/
  6. 6. • Social Components • Economic Components • Health And Educational Components • Environmental Components • Political Components Components of Social Audit Source- https://www.marketing91.com/social-audit/