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Emertxe : Training portfolio

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Emertxe Information Technologies (http://www.emertxe.com) is a pioneer IT finishing school based out of Bangalore India. We offer best-in-class trainings (instructor lead, workshops, online) for making individuals business ready. Our portfolio consist of Embedded systems, Cloud computing, Mobile Application, Software Engineering. These training programs are targeted for students, corporate and universities with heavy stress on applied & practical learning. In case of any queries please free to get in touch with us at training@emertxe.com

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Emertxe : Training portfolio

  1. 1. Emertxe : Training portfolio Skillset for business-ready professionals
  2. 2. Overview  Company overview  Challenged faced by corporate organizations  Partnership models  Details of partnership models  Conclusion
  3. 3. Company overview
  4. 4. Company overview • Company name: Emertxe Information Technologies http://www.emertxe.com • Established: 2003 • Vision: Globally make ‘Life-Easier’ by innovation, technology and education in multi-disciplinary fields by maintaining high standards of quality • Mission: Drive Technology by Innovation to invent and manufacture easily accessible and affordable commodities to make life easier for the masses. Create a platform to constantly drive technology education to make life easier, leading to a technology aware country • Core values: Customer First, Integrity, Trust and Respect
  5. 5. Our vision Twofold“Vision” Education Contribute to “industry- academia” gap Solutions Build solutions to solve “common-problems” “Makelifeeasier”
  6. 6. Our journey – So far 2003 – Started our Journey with Training in Open Systems and Embedded Software Services 2004 - Corporate Trainings 2006 – Well Established in Embedded Systems Domain - 20 Corporate Customers 2007 – Weekend Workshops for Corporate Professionals Launched 2008 – Training Products based on Embedded Systems Released to Market 2009 – Strategic Partnerships with Foreign Universities 2011 – Centers at Madurai and Chennai 2012 – Exclusive Partner of Oracle for University Trainings in Karnataka State 2013 – Trainings for Java (Core and Advanced) and Android added 2014 – Positioned as IT finishing school + self learning kits provider
  7. 7. Business Results Fresher training 39% Corporate training 32% Weekend workshops 26% Foreign university 3% TRAINING - DISTRIBUTION  10000+ Students Trained  Variety of Training Modules  Long Term Relationships with Leading Corporate Organizations for Training  Placement Relationships with various sizes and types of organizations for student placements  Speciality in Embedded Systems  Diversifications Begun Internal quality improvement programs are implemented to continuously improve training content, delivery and feedback mechanism to meet business demands.
  8. 8. Challenges faced by corporate organizations
  9. 9. Challenges •Only 25% technical graduates are employable* •Huge skill gap between industry requirements and fresh engineering graduates Industry-Academia gap •Resources spent in terms of time and cost for hiring is HIGH due to the gap •Lower Selection/Applicants ratio Higher Hiring cost •Exclusive On-boarding process to induct fresh engineers: HIGH cost •Domain specific ramp-up takes time for converting fresh engineers to productive resources Induction Training + Domain specific ramp-up •Experienced staff skill enhancement and training •Designing L & D programs to meet business demands Continuous Learning & Development (L & D) *NASSCOM official web site: http://www.nasscom.in/IT-Cos-Gear-up-to-bridge-industry-Academia-Gap-57706?id=57706
  10. 10. Continuous L & D On- boarding programs Skilled Engineer hiring Modes of Engagements:  Skilled Engineer Campus Hiring  On-boarding Program  Continuous Learning & Development How Emertxe can help? Three Partnership modes
  11. 11. Mode1: Skilled Engineer campus hiring
  12. 12. Skilled Engineer Hiring  Emertxe conducts regular, longer term training programs for Fresh engineers  Our systematic, hands-on training programs transition college graduates to skilled engineers  Emertxe is open to collaborate with hiring organizations by providing skilled engineers  Skilled engineers can be hired with no cost by Hiring organization  Technologies: Embedded Systems, Cloud and Mobility Emertxe’s goal is to minimize industry-academia gap by taking ‘finishing-school’ approach. Skilled engineers can be hired from Emertxe at no cost.
  13. 13. “In-phase” quality  Emertxe’s training delivery and assessment system is designed with “in-phase” quality approach to ensure student skill enhancement happens at every phase of training program  With balanced combination of class-room, hands-on and industry oriented approach ensures output engineer quality is as per industry expectations  There are certain specific, innovative practices that makes it as “system centric” approach  The system is designed by combining our industry experience, student psychology, technology advancements and training methodologies  Our internal team structure and processes are constantly innovated to improve the E2E quality continuously  Our goal is to create a win-win proposition for student-industry combination
  14. 14. Student transition Graduate Engineer Class-room delivery Weekly objective assessment Bi-weekly programming assessment Monthly mini project and assessment “DISHA” - Workshop Industry expert – Knowledge and experience sharing Industry ready professional Emertxe Campus hiring Delivered by senior mentors with 10+ years of industry experience Continuous evaluation system Behavior skills & industry big- picture view By taking ‘in-phase’ quality approach, Emertxe’s student transition systems makes graduate engineers to employable journey in a systematic, phased and holistic manner
  15. 15. Hiring company Benefits Skilled engineers: •Engineers trained as per Hiring Company skills •Better conversion rates in hiring process Reduced cost: •Students pay the fee for training program •Reduces significant part of Induction Training of Hiring Company •Organizations hire skilled engineers at no cost Faster deployments: •Hands-on approach makes skilled engineers productive from day one •Faster deployment of resources into projects
  16. 16. Mode2: Corporate on-boarding
  17. 17. On-boarding  Emertxe has been working with various corporate by taking up E2E ownership of corporate on-boarding program  Post hiring, Emertxe complete executes the domain specific ramp-up (ex: Automotive) and engineering practices specific topics (ex: SDLC/Agile)  Programs are specifically tuned according to specific corporate requirements  Executed on a regular basis as a part of regular induction program  Employee assessment/feedback/ratings are shared on a need basis to assess competency levels before project deployment  Continuous improvement of on-boarding programs to meet changing business needs of the organization * Emertxe has been doing on-boarding program for some well-known companies in the embedded domain for the past 4+ years. Trained over 1000+ fresh hires at Bangalore and other locations in India.
  18. 18. Onboarding benefits Faster deployments: •Customized on-boarding enables faster deployment of resources •Assessment information to rank and prioritize new hires Effective alignment: •Company specific frameworks are introduced quickly •Better alignment of new hires achieved with organization Regular execution: •Emertxe takes up complete execution ownership •Regular execution enables organizational focus
  19. 19. Mode3: Continuous L & D
  20. 20. Continuous L&D  For experienced professionals, providing domain specific training in a continuous manner for business advantage  Training delivery models: • On-demand: Custom training programs • Strategic: Long term, life-cycle oriented programs  Competency assessment model, mainly covering all aspects of an employee  Highly focused on creating business impact with specific competency development with deeper expertise  Combination of various methods (Classroom, Self learning, Hands-on etc.) Emertxe has been doing on-demand training programs for various corporate organizations. We have delivered more than 8000+ man hours of corporate training under various topics
  21. 21. Life cycle modeling Organizational goals Current skill assessment Skill gaps & execution Skill gap reduction Organizational goals achieved 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 Block device drivers ARM porting Kernel debugging Optimization Diagnostic tools Continuous L & D Q1 2014 Q4 2014
  22. 22. Our customers Our growing list of corporate customers consists of Indian, Multinational and startup organizations.
  23. 23. Technical portfolio Programming Advanced C Linux Shell C++ OOAD Data Structures Algorithms Java Platforms Linux Android Oracle Embedded Basic Electronics Micro Controller Kernel Internals Device Drivers Embedded Linux ARM porting Diagnostics Life cycle SDLC Agile Framework SCRUM
  24. 24. Conclusion  Emertxe would like to partner with corporate organizations in terms of skilled manpower hiring, on-boarding programs and continuous L & D programs  We have been doing hands-on, practical approach to training in order to maximize the effectiveness  With our technical capability and long term existence, we believe to add strong value to corporate organization’s business  Organizations can have benefit in terms of cost, speed and competent manpower at various levels  Our programs can be customized as per organizational needs, our models are flexible depending on corporate needs
  25. 25. Contact Details • Contact point: Maaz Jukaku • Email: maaz_jukaku@emertxe.com • Mobile number: +91 98862 69114 Emertxe Information Technologies, No-1, 9th Cross, 5th Main, Jayamahal Extension, Bangalore, Karnataka 560046 URL: http://www.emertxe.com https://www.facebook.com/Emertxe https://twitter.com/EmertxeTweet https://www.slideshare.net/EmertxeSlides
  26. 26. THANK YOU