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specialist knowledge | dedicated teams      www.clinicalprofessionals.eu
Company Overview                          Clinical Professionals is a top tier pan European staffing business for the       ...
Customer Statements of ServiceWe have worked very closely with Clinical Professionals during some challengingtimes with th...
Enquiries:                                                                         CoverageFor general enquiries please em...
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Clinical Professionals company brochure

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Clinical Professionals is Europe's leading independent pharmaceutical recruitment company, placing candidates for all sectors as well as working with all major pharma companies.

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Clinical Professionals company brochure

  1. 1. specialist knowledge | dedicated teams www.clinicalprofessionals.eu
  2. 2. Company Overview Clinical Professionals is a top tier pan European staffing business for the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, CRO and drug discovery industries, and with ex-industry specialists as our senior management team, we have a real depth of knowledge of these sectors. We provide scientific, clinical development and commercialisation professionals to the leading life sciences organisations across Europe. Our goal is to work in partnership with industry in reducing the cost and time of drug development and commercialisation programmes. Our specialist consultants at Clinical Professionals have an open and honest approach, being truly ‘consultative’ with our clients; advising, offering solutions & sharing the knowledge we have gained from the market. We supply the right staff at the right time and within your budget. Our client portfolio includes global leaders in clinical research to niche businesses,Functional Expertise - whilst our expertise encompasses a wide remit of sectors as illustrated. We are a Carbon Neutral company, and always provide the highest ethical standards.Specialised Consultants We offer a unique suite of services including "Pipeline Watch" our free career advisory consultation programme for candidates, and "Talent Tracker" - a strategic tracking database for clients, which allows us to identify and track candidates across EuropeBiostatistics who match clients’ likely future staffing needs.Clinical Research Services & Added Value Specialisms We provide staff across the following remits: Contingency / Search / Interim / ContractData Management Our approach to candidate attraction is a combination of tried and tested methods endorsed by experienced consultants with industry specific experience in combination with constantly evolving new methods for candidate attraction.Drug Safety Our dedicated Marketing Department works with emerging and established technologies to create a leading advertising presence across both the new and traditional media. With strong awareness of the best sources of candidate generation for eachHealth Economics specialist sector, we are best placed to advise clients or run strategic campaigns.Market Access Contract Employment With contractual employment becoming an increasingly attractive option to ourMedical Affairs clients in the current market we can provide candidates at all levels, across Europe, through a variety of bases including freelance, fixed term contract or permanent employment through Clinical Professionals.Medical Information These varied options provide our clients with the flexibility to choose an option that is suited to their company preferences and budgeting requirement.Medical Writing Permanent Employment through Clinical Professionals (Country Dependant) An increasingly popular option for clients seeking candidates to fill mid to long-termRegulatory Affairs contract roles is Clinical Professionals in-house group of permanent contractors who are seconded to our clients. As a company we already have a large group of contractors placed in roles of varying seniority amongst leading industry employers. Our permanently employed contractors are provided with an attractive benefits package,Sales & Marketing full administration assistance, dedicated line managers with extensive industry experience, and a generous training and development bursary. We also offer in-office training which they can attend, run by industry specialists.Scientific & Engineering Our internal Contractor Line Managers are wholly dedicated to looking after the needs not only of contractors but also the client with whom they are placed. We typically provide quarterly evaluation meetings and are able to undertake 6 monthly or annualQA/QC appraisals when requested.
  3. 3. Customer Statements of ServiceWe have worked very closely with Clinical Professionals during some challengingtimes with the growth of the business and the move to the European KnowledgeCentre, Hatfield. The consultants at Clinical Professionals have a very competentunderstanding of clinical roles in Eisai. Their communication style is always professional andthey have the right approach to building relationships, their industry knowledge is a value.HR Manager - EisaiIn my dealings with Clinical Professionals, I have always found thecustomer focus to be above average. The responsiveness and interestin the clients needs are strong. The quality of candidates offered is above average which hasled to a profile being attained that belies the short time CP has been in the market place.GMO Country Head - Novartis“The team at Clinical Professionals are always a pleasure to work with providing anexcellent service from start to finish. They have identified excellent candidates for usthat fit the brief and once installed the candidates are well supported and managedwhich makes my job so much easier. Clinical Professionals are always my first portof call when a need arises.Clinical Research Manager - Novo NordiskI have found you to be very communicative generally and responsiveto any question/query/request. I also have appreciated yourunderstanding when feedback hasn’t been as quick as we would allhave liked. I find you positive and friendly with a good knowledge ofyour candidates and specialist areas. Having worked with you now in a couple ofcompanies I can say that this disposition has been consistent for many many months!Recruitment Manager - WWCT
  4. 4. Enquiries: CoverageFor general enquiries please email: Clinical Professionals have a large European presence and we areapply@clinicalprofessionals.eu constantly expanding our scope of European coverage, which currently includes more than 15 European countries and 9 languages. Each country has a dedicated manager and resources enabling individual attention to each client. We have also recruited in other countries, for clients with a global reach, tailoring our services to match the requirements of each individual client.Contact DetailsUK Office European Office Swiss Office2nd Floor, 7-11 Station Road, Quantum House, 22-24 Red Lion Court, Dammstrasse 19,Reading, RG1 1LG, UK Fleet Street, London, Ec4a 3EB, UK CH6301 ZugTel: +44 (0)118 959 4990 Tel: +44 (0)207 822 1710 Tel: +41 (0)41 723 2534Web: www.clinicalprofessionals.co.uk Web: www.clinicalprofessionals.eu Web: www.clinicalprofessionals.chClinical Professionals GmbH is a specialist Employment Business and Employment Agency acting on behalf of its clients.Clinical Professionals GmbH holds Federal and Cantonal Licenses governed by the laws of Switzerland.