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Elvee's Resume.la (1)

  1. 1. ELVEE M. OGLESBY 280 Lansdown Drive.  Houma, LA 70360  (512) 567-8608  elveeoglesby@gmail.com SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS I have 4+ years combined experience of (single and dual) String section milling, Hydraulic Cutters (dual, three & four bladed), 70 / 150 Series Overshot and wash pipe usage for recovery of work strings,Packers and CIBP's. Rigless P&A, Workover Rigs, Land and Offshore Drill Rigs. My duties included but not limited to, directing floor hands / drill crew on proper assembly and torqued guidelines for tools,monitoring torque gauges,weight gauges, monitoring fluid pumps for pressures increases or decrease and proper weights to be added to and from the work string and tools. Used proven techniques for safe recovery of bridge plugs, packers pressure and mechanical, drill pipe, Tbg. Ensured proper sized recovery tools met the required specs for certain sized ID’s and OD’s of well bore. Applied sight and sound observations to identify load variations, motor malfunctions or any unusualwell conditions. Kept a detailed timeline of tools used and time taken for tools run and recovery so that billing can be kept in line with job quote.  Over 7 years off shore experience (accident free) spanning the Gulf of Mexico to extend into the Cook Inlet of Alaska and Shetland Islands, UK Aberdeen.  Practice safe work ethics daily i.e. Stop Work Authority, C.H.A.M.P.S., ZAPP, BISON, 5x5, “See It” Hazard Tools.  Plan and coordinate fishing, milling, well abandonment, and well departure.  Prepare and deliver comprehensive job reports.  Attended and wrote JSA’s and JSEA’s and held tool box talks before job procedures..  Maintain communication with client, well site representative, rig crew, and field support staff.  Responsible for maintaining hourly/daily log reports on job performance.  Capable of working independently and with Teams for greater efficiency.  Usage and dressed 70 and 150 Series Overshot w/wo Pack Offs, Bowen Releasing Spears, Watermelon, Bladed mills, Box and Pin Tapers, Internal / external cutters, Wireline Stripping Kits, Junk Baskets.  Utilize total quality and safety management principles to operate successfully in a high stressful, fast - paced, deadline-oriented, “no errors” environment.  Can identify numerous procedures during a Fishing job, P&A Operations, Commissioned / De Commissioned platforms and Work Over operations. EDUCATION United States Army Fort Gordon, GA September 1992-1995 High School Diploma Fletcher Senior, FL May 1991 Certifications  WCS Well Control, TWIC, LOGIC Vantage, WSTC Water Survival, Safe Gulf, US Pass Port, ISN, PEC TECHNOLOGY  Software: PC, Excel, Microsoft Office Suite, Windows XP, ACT, Internet Explorer, and Quick Books WORK EXPERIENCE Weatherford Fishing and Re-Entry Int. Houma, La. 7/21/2014 – 9/28/2015 Fishing Tool Supervisor Alternative Well Intervention AWI Scott, LA 12/5/2013 – 6/25/2014 Roughneck Eaton Oil Tools Broussard, LA 7/1/2013 - 9/2013 Supervisor
  2. 2. Deltide Fishing Tools Harvey, LA 11/15/2010 - 5/01/2013 Supervisor Chet Morrison Houma, LA 2009 - 11/14/2010 Pump Operator Dynamic Ind. Harvey, LA 11/2009 - 2009 Rigger CUDD Energy Services Houma, LA 2/2008 – 11/2009 Snubbing Hand