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Introducing TalentHub

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We are different. Want to find out why? Click on our company presentation to learn about our Specialist, Niche offering that ensures our Candidates and Clients experience the very best service in the Tech, UX, Digital and Ecommerce recruitment sector

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Introducing TalentHub

  1. 1. Find someone you’ll click with. Digital | Tech | E-Commerce | UX & Design | Media | Marketing
  2. 2. Introducing our latest tech innovation in digital recruitment. We talk. We take time to meet the talent. Then we listen. You see, we understand that the work that happens offline is very important in finding the right people to work online.
  3. 3. We know what it takes to find digital and tech superstars. We’re like human versions of Google. But just for talent searching. Our deep expertise also means we can find the stars others simply cannot. We see ourselves as Specialists, rather than Generalists (who are all things to all HR managers). This makes our offering more powerful and more targeted.
  4. 4. Our model separates the contenders from the time wasters. We won’t waste your time with unsuitable CVs. We filter. We target. We get results. It’s a quality over quantity approach that has helped us forge long lasting loyal relationships with our clients a.k.a partners.
  5. 5. Our tech department has been going from strength to strength. In the time we have proven that we’re not only software experts and tech lovers <h2>we also understand code</h2> And our network along with its connections means we can track the quality of a candidate’s previous work so you get the quality you’re after, whether it is for perm or contract roles.
  6. 6. We take our roles seriously. Here’s some we’ve filled. Digital Account Manager Java Developer Digital Marketing Specialist Multimedia Designer Senior UX Designer Product/Project Manager Senior Campaign Manager Senior Software Engineer Tech Lead Senior Manager (Global Consultancy) Head of Performance Marketing UX Lead Head of E-commerce Director of Engineering Senior Director (Global Consultancy) VP of Marketing
  7. 7. Companies that our work worked for.
  8. 8. Lorraine Lorraine is a recruitment athlete. She has the reputation of filling roles in record time, without ever compromising on quality. She makes mission impossible candidate searches possible. Her favourite place to chill in the evenings is on Google Hangouts. Meet our very own talent. David David is a recruitment mixologist. He perfectly blends hisbackground of management accountancy and entrepreneurialism into one great talent search concoction. When he’s not getting his kicks off reddit David gets a buzz from finding key hires for Start- ups and Innovation companies. Ellie Ellie’s middle name is Networking. She has a photographic memory and will always know the person you need, not matter how specific the role is. She is currently half way through learning every face on LinkedIn. Michael Michael has two degrees and a lot of letters after his name. He is our resident brain on Tech, UX and Design roles. His understanding on the mechanics of web and mobile are unparalleled. As a result he loves to chat in face-time or Skype or he can be found on meetup.com
  9. 9. Search over. 68 Merrion Square. South. Dublin 2 Email: hello@talenthub.ie Call: 01 634 4888