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Elizabeth Tancibok Resume

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Elizabeth Tancibok Resume

  1. 1. Elizabeth Tancibok 10 Parkgate Court  Simpsonville, South Carolina 29680  (864)351-9279  E.Tancibok@gmail.com Seeking an opportunity to work for your company. I am a hard worker who works well under pressure. Fast learner and quick problem solver. Motivated and a self- starter. Works well with others and have great communication skills. Knowledge of Microsoft Word Office, Windows 07, Vista, Genisys, Bloodhub and Lifetec Elite. My office skills are but not limited to the following: computers, scheduling, answering phones, customer service, filing and money handling. Employment History THE BLOOD CONNECTION, Inc DRAC Augst 2012-August 2013 BPSPEC August 2013-present ♦ Dealing directly with hospitals’ blood banks ♦ Telephone skills ♦ Process/label/ship blood products ♦ Computer skills with multiple programs ♦ Customer service with public ♦ HIPPA/FDA/SOP trained for Blood Centers ♦ Communication skills between shifts, departments and hospitals DTS RENTS Front Office/Receptionist August 2011- August 2012 ♦ Customer service ♦ Answer phones/Filing ♦ Knowledge of rental equipment computer system ♦ Open/close contracts/reservations ♦ Cash handling/debt collection ♦ Bank deposits ♦ Ordering merchandise/ equipment ♦ Handle office manager’s emails/ phone calls ♦ Schedule deliveries/ pick-ups of equipment ♦ Excel worksheets/word documents HAMPTON INN SIMPSONVILLE Front Desk Clerk/Night Auditor September 2010-August 2011 ♦ Answer phones ♦ Make reservations ♦ Cash handling ♦ Running reports/making report packets ♦ Customer service ♦ Setting up breakfast/coffee ♦ Cleaning office/stocking office
  2. 2. Elizabeth Tancibok BI-LO CENTER/CHARTER AMPHITHEATER Premium Services May 2010- November 2011 May 2012- August 2013 GRAFFITI’S BURGERS AND MORE Waitress April 2010-September 2010 ♦ Cash handling ♦ Clean ♦ Take orders/helping with cooking/delivering food ♦ Customer service THE VILLANO FAMILY Live in Nanny (New Jersey) August 2009 – March 2010 ♦ Get children ready for school/pick up from school ♦ Take care of daily needs of children ♦ Run errands ♦ Grocery shopping ♦ Cleaning/cooking ♦ Cash Handling TARGET Logistics Team Member May 2009 – August 2009 ♦ Worked Flow Team (4am-noon) ♦ Unloaded Trucks ♦ Sorted Merchandise ♦ Stocked shelves ♦ Use of PDA ♦ Interacted with customers HERITAGE PARK AMPITHEATRE Assistant May 2009 – August 2009 ♦ Ran errands ♦ Worked in office ♦ Shopped for supplies/ Artist’s wish lists ♦ Communicated/Interacted with bands, their managers, and production workers ♦ Worked back stage ♦ Cash Handling SILVER BAY RESTAURANT Waitress August 2008 – May 2009 ♦ Took and delivered orders ♦ Trained new employees ♦ Food Prep ♦ Cash Handling
  3. 3. Elizabeth Tancibok QUIZNOS Manager-In-Training June 2007 – August 2008 ♦ Opened and closed store ♦ Given store key and alarm code ♦ Cash handling/Closeouts ♦ Prepared food for customers FREEDOM WEEKEND ALOFT Volunteered for six years at Freedom Weekend Aloft backstage with bands and artists. Education GREENVILLE TECHNICAL CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATED IN 2008 P.O BOX 5616, MAIL STOP 1201 GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA 29607 (864)250-8846 GREENVILLE TECHNICAL COLLEGE P.O. BOX 5616 GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA 29606 (864)250-8111 RARITAN VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE 118 LAMINGTON ROAD BRANCHBURG, NEW JERSEY 08876 (908)-218-8861