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Find a job for summer

  1. Skype Coaching – Find a Job for Summer Skype Coaching on Feb 4, 2016 Tiina Myöhänen-Astikainen and Arja Parpala
  2. The Questions • What is the hidden job market and how to find work at the hidden job market? • How can I market my knowledge in an interesting way? • How to make an excellent CV and Cover Letter? • What is important when creating a LinkedIn-profile? • How to prepare for a job interview? • How to define my salary request? 4.2.2016
  3. Four Angles to Competence Work ExperienceStudies Free time Activities Life 4.2.2016
  4. Jobs above and below 20% 80%
  5. CV is History and Cover Letter is Future Always focus towards the job you are applying for. Clear and concise descriptions: Concreteness. What did I do in practice? What did I achieve? How did I develop? Why are you applying for this particular position? Motivation and interest. What does interest YOU in this position, company, and industry? How does the company benefit from you in this position? CV Cover Letter
  6. 4.2.2016 Interactive Interview Your message A prepared presentation e.g. a one page image on the main aspects of the job Discussion and ideas Ask questions Answer questions
  7. 4.2.2016 Defining your Salary
  8. 4.2.2016 Thanks and good luck for Summer Job search!
  9. Suomen Ekonomit / The Finnish Business School Graduates