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Beck's Green Lemon Beer | Global Product Analysis

Research Methods for Global Marketing Communication & Advertising
Boston, MA was ranked as having the highest beer drinking per capita in the United States by CNN in 2013. Do you think it could use another imported beer to add to the roster? Our team did. One of my projects required that we choose a brand or product which has not yet been introduced to the United States market and determine if it is practical for the product to enter the Boston market at the time of research. My team used primary and secondary research to help up develop our recommendation including the following tools: SWOT analysis, Surveys, Focus Groups, SPSS, and Emerson College library databases including Euromoniter, CountryWatch, Mintel, and MRI+. Beck's Green Lemon Beer failed the action standard, therefore, we concluded that Beck's should avoid introducing this line the Boston beer market considering the unfavorable conditions at this time.
Eileen Louissaint, Hien Pham, Nele Rieve, & Edwin Stubbs

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Beck's Green Lemon Beer | Global Product Analysis

  1. 1. Green Lemon Great German Taste
  2. 2. - Founded in 1873 - Becks is in 120 different countries - Becks Green Lemon introduced into German market in 2005. It has been very successful - Beck’s Green Lemon is a shandy beer IntroductionGreen Lemon
  3. 3. - Beck’s has been doing well in European market - Entry level employees and students tends to spend their disposable income on leisure and entertainment. - Boston market is the number one beer consuming city in US with several imported beers. - Ample room to grow within the Boston market situation analysis Green Lemon
  4. 4. - Well known Parent Company - Low Cal/Alcohol percentage - Premium light and flavored mix drink - Competitive price range - Low recall of brand name - Currently no shandy beer subculture - No health benefits
  5. 5. - Boston ranked 20th place for most drinks per capita in US - Boston’s location provides easy access for importing - Large Gen Y population - Growing health consciousness - Shift in consumer preferences away from regular beer and towards beer alternatives - Millennial’s gravitation to wine and spirits - Reduction of Alcoholic advertise- ments at Boston Universities - Saturated Alcohol market - Brand loyalty to other drinks among target audience. - Competition with local and national brands - No shandy subculture
  6. 6. Highly Saturated Beer Market in highest beer consuming city in the United States Not Unique-packaging similar to competing brand Heineken, flavor similar to Corona Light or Smirnoff Too Low-alcohol content if targeting young social-driven market marketing problems
  7. 7. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES To identify main attributes of alcoholic beverages that attract consumers To gauge consumers attitudes towards flavored drinks To examine consumers motivation to buy imported beer Evaluate Overall Impression of Beck’s Green Lemon Beer
  8. 8. methods - fgi •8 participants –2 males and 6 females –under 29 –All graduate students •Key measures – Beer consumption patterns, consumer motivations of purchasing import- ed beer, overall evaluation, likes and dislikes, brand personality, purchase intention, and promotional tactics. •Procedures - Shared concept board including pricing, packing, and mood board as well as two TV commercials
  9. 9. methods - survey •Data Collection Method - Both paper and web-based and conducted our research both in face-to-face interviews and online. •Sampling Methods and Samples –Non-Probability sampling with convenience samples –100 respondents aged of 21 or older •34 males, 65 females, one unknown •(56) 21-24, (31) 25-29, (12) 30 and over •(21) less than 100K, (15) 100K-199K, (16) 200-299K, (10) 300-399, (38) more than 400K
  10. 10. methods • Key Measures General Beer Consumption Patterns Perception and Acceptance of Beck’s Green Lemon Demographics • Data Analysis: Frequency, Cross-Tabs, T-test and ANOVA • Action Standards: Top 2 Box: 60% Mean Score: 3.50
  11. 11. results - fgi • Style and Design -- Labeling is contradictory to unique contents (Negative) -- Marketable to both male and female (Positive) • Brand Positioning -- Middle Class, Millennials -- Premium beer- German pedigree (Positive) -- Quality- Beck’s Brand foundation (Positive) -- German Beer Purity Law (Positive)
  12. 12. results - fgi • Product Formula -- Low Calories (Positive) -- Green Coloring (Negative) -- Low alcohol content (Negative) • Promotion -- Social Functions- Sporting Events/ESPN, Music Festivals -- Commercials -- Magazine Ads
  13. 13. results - survey (BEFORE CONCEPT BOARD)
  14. 14. results - survey (BEFORE CONCEPT BOARD)
  15. 15. results - survey (BEFORE CONCEPT BOARD)
  16. 16. results - survey (BEFORE CONCEPT BOARD) Frequency: once a week (34%) Motivation for drinking beer: socializing (89%)
  17. 17. Green Lemon results - survey (AFTER CONCEPT BOARD)
  18. 18. Green Lemon results - survey (AFTER CONCEPT BOARD)
  19. 19. Green Lemon results - survey (AFTER CONCEPT BOARD)
  20. 20. Green Lemon results - survey (AFTER CONCEPT BOARD)
  21. 21. Green Lemon results - survey (AFTER CONCEPT BOARD)
  22. 22. Green Lemon results - survey (AFTER CONCEPT BOARD) Reasonable price for a six-pack: $8 - $9 (39%) Promotion types: free samples (81%), price discounts/ sales (63%) & buy one, get one free (61%) Locations: liquor stores (69%), grocery stores (68%) & bars (62%) Advertisement medias: Social Media (68%), TV Commercials (60%), Billboard & Transit Ads (46%)
  23. 23. conclusion Unfavorable conditions for BGL to enter the market >> NO GO Failed action standard Doesn’t fit in with consumption patterns Socializing = major motivation Likes: refreshing character, German origin, lemon flavor, low calories Dislikes: low alcohol content, brand name & green color Price of $8.99 per 6-pack falls into accepted price range
  24. 24. recommendation Price, Place, Product, packaging, color, Alcohol formula, Brand name Promotion: focus promotional efforts on establishing brand awareness by sponsoring social functions such as sporting events, music festivals and other events. develop a strong web presence and presence on social media by i.e. creating a Beck’s Green Lemon website Positioning: position their brand as a refreshing, sophisticated, seasonal, summer beer.
  25. 25. recommendation We highly believe that if Beck’s Green Lemon were to implement the changes we recommended and followed our market entry and positioning strategies they would be able to position themselves as a premium beer in the Boston market and become a thought leader in the beer industry. Creation and development of shandy beer demographic in Boston will be key. (Example: develop strong loyal customer base)
  26. 26. danke