economics commerce trade management commerce and trade management nlp formal credit • chunking/shallow parsing ecommerce economy organization’s role ordinary logistic regression employee loyalty new economy firms tax systems informal sector (smes) new colonialism trade africa china business • chunking questionanswering signal processing • dialogue and interactive sys sustainability. smes risk management developing nations covid–19 increase in uptake of debt poor service delivery local government authority debt management financial challenges informal sector ( smes value relevance historical cost basis of acco formal credi business and economy commercial financial services business growth cash management financial literacy empowerment financial inclusion video streaming & wireless control mobile robot 3d print composite materials machinability of materials materials engineering rapid prototyping computational fluid dynamics india trade promotion organisation director general foreign trade • cloud storage and file systems • cloud applications in vertical industries • cloud computing architecture • maintenance and management of cloud computing • social clouds (social networks in the cloud) mobile devices • mobile clouds for new millennium availability and locality presence • location based services • virtualization on platforms in the cloud parallel processing • cloud based • service-oriented architecture in cloud computing • cloud business • design tool for cloud computing infrastructure and platforms • cloud application value relevance. historical cost basis of accounting presumptive tax
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