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What is coming for VMware vSphere?

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What is coming for VMware vSphere?

Delivered at VMUG DK/UK/BE in November 2014. Session is all about vSphere futures, what can be expected in the near future.

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What is coming for VMware vSphere?

  1. 1. What’s coming for vSphere… Duncan Epping | Chief Technologist | vmware
  2. 2. • New project  New Server • Consolidation of apps • Operational complexity From Physical
  3. 3. • Faster time to market • Standardization a must • New operational models To Virtual
  4. 4. • Automation / Orchestration o Daily tasks o Monitoring o Configuration • Consistency • Repeatable Operations
  5. 5. Disclaimer • This presentation may contain product features that are currently under development. • This overview of new technology represents no commitment from VMware to deliver these features in any generally available product. • Features are subject to change, and must not be included in contracts, purchase orders, or sales agreements of any kind. • Technical feasibility and market demand will affect final delivery. • Pricing and packaging for any new technologies or features discussed or presented have not been determined. • All of the features and futures discussed have been presented at VMworld.
  6. 6. Efficiency
  7. 7. Shared-All virtual machines through forking aka VMFork! Benefits: o Pre-emptive memory sharing o Lower CPU – avoid boots, logins, app launches o I/O reduction: Boots / App- Launches generate I/O that our forking design can avoid. Project Fargo Copy On Write Shared memory Unique memory Base Disk Delta Disk Copy On Write Quiesced Parent VM Child VM
  8. 8. Fork 1 Fork 2 Fork 3 Fork N Just in time Parent VM Load Balancer Hello World! 500ms ago this VM didn’t exist. By the time you read this, the VM that created this page has already been destroyed. Hello World! 500ms ago this VM didn’t exist. By the time you read this, the VM that created this page has already been destroyed. Hello World! 500ms ago this VM didn’t exist. By the time you read this, the VM that created this page has already been destroyed. VMware vSphere Hello World! 500ms ago this VM didn’t exist. By the time you read this, the VM that created this page has already been destroyed.
  9. 9. Simplicity
  10. 10. • Scale out architecture • Built into the hypervisor • Aggregates host local storage • Dynamic scalability • Flash optimized • VM-centric data operations 10 Virtual SAN
  11. 11. • All Flash Virtual SAN configurations o Enterprise MLC for write buffering and consumer grade for reads • Virsto file-system integration o Fast cloning o New efficient snapshotting mechanism • JBOD support o Useful for blade environments! • 64 Node clusters 11 Enhancements
  12. 12. Offerings VMware EVO:RAIL Hyper-Converged Infra Appliance • Maximum simplicity • Prebuilt Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Appliance (HCIA) • EVO:RAIL Rapid Deployment and Configuration Engine • Single SKU for hardware, software, and SnS • Transformational user experience Virtual SAN built from HCL components • Maximum choice • Go through HCL to find certified combination • Assemble hardware • Procure many SKUs: • Hardware platform • Hardware SnS • Software + SnS • Possible services Virtual SAN Ready Node • Manufacturer specifies hardware configuration from HCL components • Hardware is prebuilt; customer installs and configures vSphere & Virtual SAN • Procure: • Hardware platform • Hardware SnS • Software + SnS • Possible services
  13. 13. EVO:RAIL • Builds on trusted technology: o vSphere + Virtual SAN + Log Insight + EVO:RAIL Engine • Prescribed 2U/4N platform from qualified partners • Automated scale out up to 4 HCIAs • Time to value to first VM as little as 15 minutes • Non disruptive patch & upgrade Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Appliance (HCIA) x4 x3 x2 x1 TOR Switch
  14. 14. User Experience • Single SKU / single point of contact • VMware EVO:RAIL Engine • Rapid configuration in under 15 minutes • Simple management • One-click non-disruptive upgrades • Automatically scales out Deploy Configure Manage
  15. 15. User Experience
  16. 16. EVO:RACK • Pre-qualified Data Center- Scale Hyper-Converged Cloud Infrastructure from Partners • Management: o Simplified SDDC deployment, configuration, and provisioning o SDDC lifecycle – non-disruptive patching/upgrading o SDDC-wide capacity planning o Integrated management of both logical and physical resources o Configuration and provisioning of end-to-end network infrastructure • SDDC up and running in under 2 hours
  17. 17. EVO:RACK Solution Virtualized Infrastructure Appliance Data Center-Scale Cloud Infrastructure VMware Software vSphere, Virtual SAN, EVO:RAIL Engine Full vCloud Suite, Virtual SAN, NSX, Integrated Virtual + Physical Networking, EVO:RACK Software Managed Hardware Server + Built-in Storage Server + ToR Leaf/Spine Switch + JBOD or DAS Storage Server Specifications 2U / 4N Appliance; ability to stack appliances Rack-mounted servers; Deployment Scalability Up to 4 appliances Multiple racks Key Use Cases ROBO, VDI IaaS, VDI
  18. 18. User Experience • Pre-configured rack(s) arrive at a customer site with o Pre-integrated SDDC software suite, EVO:RACK software and ToR switches • Customers: o Connect rack utilities: network uplinks & power o provide network info IP range, DNS, NTP… • EVO:RACK: auto-provision IP, L3 fabric • EVO:RACK: single point of control for operations & lifecycle management Single Virtual Rack (ESX, Virtual SAN, NSX)
  19. 19. Old World! Storage Consumer Challenges: o Lengthy provisioning cycles o Difficult to make adjustments o Lack of granular control o Complex troubleshooting o Frequent data migrations Storage Provider Challenges: o Fragmented device management o Rigid capacity and data services allocation o Complex LUN/Volume management VMware vSphere Storage Array - A Storage Array - B
  20. 20. • Virtual disks are natively represented on arrays • Enables VM granular storage operations • Integrates with Storage Policy-Based Management • Supports existing storage I/O protocols (FC, iSCSI, NFS) • Ecosystem-wide initiative 20 Virtual Volumes vSphere admin Storage admin
  21. 21. With VVOLs Storage Policy Based MGMT VMware vSphere Virtual Datastore Virtual Datastore Virtual Datastore Storage Policy Capacity Availability Published Capabilities Snapshot Replication Dedupe Performance Data Protection Security container Storage Policy Based MGMT o Policy driven, VM-centric control plane o Dynamic composition of storage services o Intelligent placement and transparent remediation o Common across heterogeneous devices Virtual Volumes o Virtual disks natively represented on external storage o Granular control of native array data services on a per VM basis o No more LUNs/Volumes Virtual Datastore container container container Storage Array - A Storage Array - B
  22. 22. IO Filters • Integration API for Software-based Data Services within vSphere • Performance of kernel-mode with the stability of user-mode • Tight integration with vSphere and Storage Policy Based Management • Granular provisioning and control on a per VM basis Storage Policy Based MGMT VMware vSphere Replication Filter Caching Filter Storage Array - A Storage Array - B Storage Policy Performance Data Protection
  23. 23. Availability
  24. 24. SIOC • VM IOPS reservations • Queue depth allocation of each host depends on the VM reservation • Migrate workload if reservations are not met • Balance reserved IOPS usage in cluster • Reservations as VM placement constraints 24 IOPS Reservations R: 300 R: 200 R: 500 Storage DRS Datastore Cluster
  25. 25. • Aware of deduplication using VASA 2.0 o Storage DRS manages logical space while keeping virtual disks in the same dedupe pool • Deep integration with vSphere Replication o Storage DRS understands space usage of replica disks • Storage DRS identifies replicated datastores • All recommendations are in sync with replication policies: o Automated moves within the same consistency group o Manual moves for all VMs residing on replicated datastores o Accounting of replication overhead due to Storage vMotion • Aware of thin provisioned VMs and Datastores 25 More SDRS
  26. 26. Problem: • Host has a loss of storage connectivity o APD: All Paths Down o PDL: Permanent Device Loss o Difficult to manage VMs running on APD/PDL affected hosts Approach: • VMs are restarted on healthy hosts 26 vSphere HA All Paths Down e.g. Path down or port disabled Permanent Device Loss e.g. Array misconfiguration, Host removed from LUN’s Storage Group
  27. 27. vSphere RAS Upload file Estimate performance Impact VM Group Details
  28. 28. • FT support for up to 4 vCPUs • New fast check-pointing technology to keep primary and secondary in sync • Protect mission-critical, high-performance applications regardless of OS • Continuous availability: zero downtime, zero data loss for infrastructure failures • Fully automated response 28 vSMP FT Instantaneous Failover Fast Checkpointing 10Gbps Infra
  29. 29. New Architecture • No more vLockstep o SMP FT protocol • No more shared VMDKs o Both primary / secondary have own VMDK! • 10Gbps networking is a requirement!
  30. 30. Mobility
  31. 31. • vMotion across vCenter Server boundaries • Easily move VMs across (distributed) vSwitches, folders and data centers • Builds upon vMotion without shared storage • Simplifies vCenter Migration and consolidation • Aligns vMotion capabilities with larger data center environments • Leverage VVOL capabilities 31 vMotion Anywhere
  32. 32. • Targeting cross-continental US distances – up to 100 ms RTTs • Maintain standard vMotion guarantees • Leader in VM flexibility • Benefits o Permanent migrations between data centers o Disaster avoidance (DA) o SRM/DA testing o Multi-site load balancing o Follow the sun 32 Long Distance
  33. 33. Scalability
  34. 34. Metric Windows Appliance* Hosts per VC 1k ✔ Powered on VMs per 10k ✔ VC Hosts per cluster 64 ✔ VMs per cluster 6k ✔ Linked Mode 10 ✔ * Single instance VC with embedded vPostgres Equal
  35. 35. • Web Client Usability o Tasks back in bottom o Right click flat menus! • Linux Appliance with performance/feature parity with Windows (e.g., scale, federation) • Linked Mode vs. SSO converging functionality • Performance Improvements o vCenter task concurrency, performance charts, web client, etc. 35 Usability
  36. 36. • Content Library provides storage and versioning of files including VM templates, ISOs, and OVFs. • Includes powerful publish and subscribe features to replicate content • Simplifies management of templates • Enables synchronization between local and remote vCenter Servers Content Library
  37. 37. Thank you! Twitter: @DuncanYB | LinkedIn: DuncanEpping| Blog: Yellow-Bricks.com