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Quick Comparison: CV vs. Resume

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Confused about the difference between a CV and a resume? Use this quick handout to help you figure it out!

  • Such a useful presentation! You need to know the difference between a CV and resume and here’s why. Different employers have their own preferences toward these application documents, therefore, it’s essential to make both CV and a resume to have more opportunities during job search. I would recommend learning about the difference from that article as well - https://resumewritinglab.com/blog/resume-vs-cv/, because for me it seems more understandable. In general, I would recommend turning to professional resume or CV writers to double your chances among other job candidates for your spot.
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Quick Comparison: CV vs. Resume

  1. 1. Career Center Quick Comparison: CV vs. Resume CV Resume Goal • To obtain an academic position or grant • To obtain a non-academic job Audience • Fellow academics • Potential non-academic employers Duke Career Center • studentaffairs.duke.edu/career • 919-660-1050 • Bay 5, Smith Warehouse, 2nd Floor • 114 S. Buchanan Blvd., Box 90950, Durham, NC 27708 • Networking contacts Structure • Text-rich, narrative style • Minimal text supported by achievement-oriented bullets Content • Complete history of your academic pursuits, including academic research, teaching, awards, and service • Tailored to highlight your fit with a specific job/ department/ institution • OR • Tailored to highlight your ability to conduct research aligning with funding agency needs • Snapshot of your most relevant skills and experience • Tailored to highlight your fit with a specific job/ firm/ industry Length • Flexible; as long as neccesary to tell your story • Typically 3-4 pages for doctoral candidates • Typically 1-3 pages for master’s candidates • Limited to 2 pages • Typically 2 pages for doctoral candidates • Typically 1 page for master’s candidates Unnecessary Info • Activities outside of the core academic pursuits of research, teaching, and service • Anything not relevant to the role/ function/ industry for which you are applying; e.g., unabridged lists of publications, presentations, conferences attended, courses taught • Career objective • Personal statement • References