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CIO Cloud Security Checklist

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What are some items every CIO should review when making the decision on whether or not to cloud? This infographic covers the most important aspects. More here: http://bit.ly/1vpGeKL

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CIO Cloud Security Checklist

  1. 1. CIO’s Security Checklist for Cloud Backup Are you considering storing your company data in the cloud? You’re not alone. Spending on cloud storage is expected to rise from $2.4B to $8.7B in the next 3–5 years, with 23% of that being spent on cloud backup. Storing and backing up data in the cloud can bring your company agility and elasticity, but first you need to know the basics of cloud security. Choosing the right cloud backup service provider is crucial to ensure adequate protection, security, and availability of enterprise data. Here are the essentials to consider when evaluating enterprise cloud backup for end user devices, for your data security success and peace of mind. Data Encryption Access Control Does your endpoint backup solution oer secure, easy to manage access, like simple sign-on? Does it allow administrators to mandate that employees use a PIN to access the backup mobile app? Does it integrate tightly with your company’s Active Directory server? Data Loss Prevention Does your endpoint backup solution encrypt files on devices by allowing you to enforce the use of endpoint operating systems’ built-in encryption technology? Can administrators easily configure which files and folders are backed up to ensure that sensitive corporate data is protected without requiring full-disk encryption? Does your solution include geo-location and remote wipe capabilities? “Always-On” Access Uptime Does your cloud backup provider oer automatic data redundancy across multiple data centers? Does it oer geographic backups to other regions, to ensure that data access can continue unaected in the case of data center outages? High-Performance Backups Does your endpoint backup solution protect data in transit with encryption like 256-bit SSL? Does it protect data in store with encryption like 256-bit AES? Data Governance Has your cloud backup provider passed the requisite certifications (e.g., HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ITAR) for its data centers and operations? Does it enable you to get a federated view across all your endpoint data, place legal holds and preserve data for eDiscovery? Does it oer detailed audit trails, providing insights into how, when and where regulated data is being accessed, shared, stored and deleted? Data Residency Requirements Is your cloud backup provider equipped with multiple redundant data centers across the globe, enabling customers to control which data centers are used for their data backups to ensure compliance with local data regulations? Does your cloud backup provider oer global deduplication? Can administrator level parameters be set to manage the bandwidth allocated to the backup service, as well as the amount of client resource allocated to processing the client side assessment? Can it provide local caching for bandwidth-restriced locations and high-speed backup and restores, with scheduled transfers to the cloud? Cloud Security Is your endpoint backup solution compliant with international standards such as SOC 1, ISO 27001 and ISAE-3000? Does it segregate each customer’s data from other customers’? Does it provide an encryption system that delivers both security and data privacy, guaranteeing you only have access? Learn more about inSync's cloud architecture druva.com/insync