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Digital LIbrary

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This lecture was delivered at RIE, NCERT Bhopal. This is a very simplified version of Digital Library. The participants were the teacher educators from different parts of India who teaches at District Institutes of India. Hope my simplified lecture was fit to refresh them

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Digital LIbrary

  1. 1. Overview  of Digital Library / Virtual Library / e-library DR NIRMAL KUMAR SWAIN Associate Professor Dept of Lib. & Inf. Science Maharshi Dayanand University Rohtak – 124001
  2. 2. Overview  of Digital Library / Virtual Library / e-library Lecture delivered At Training for Teacher Educators of Western Region on Technique of Using Digital Libraries , Feb 17-21, 2017 Regional Institute of Education (RIE), NCERT Bhopal Feb 17, 2017
  3. 3. Digital Library (DL) Meaning vs. meanings Terminological differences Towards workable definition Creation and designing a DL Transforming a traditional library to digital library
  4. 4. Meaning vs. meanings The moment we try to understand the concept of digital library in a uniform and singular mode of understating the problem arises in conceptualizing the meaning. Hence scanning the different definition is required and to have a consensus over these.
  5. 5. Scanning the definitions  Digital libraries are those whose collections and services are offered in digital mode.  Are digital libraries necessarily paperless or without print collections.  Possibility of print collections are there in a digital library also.
  6. 6. Cont… A careful observation on the definitional problems are to be observed. And a working solutions or meaning based on pragmatic definition need to be pushed forward.
  7. 7. Pragmatic definition Digital library is any library with digital collections , stored , process and access and retrieve . Here it begins with collections first, then process and access.
  8. 8. Terminological differences At the same time literature also exhibit other terms often used in place of digital library. Electronic library or e-library, virtual library are most cases front runners. Even electric library was in use also. Digital library is basically American use of the term and electronic library is British format. People use it interchangeably.
  9. 9. Designing Digital Library Practically speaking digital library can designed from two stand points. In first case transforming from the traditional library to digital library. In this case putting all the collection into digital form after scanning is a difficult task but possible. At the same time new collection may be procured with the digital version also.
  10. 10. Collection development In the case of digital library collections are very important. Collection policy is to be maintained as vendors rain with digital collections and difficult to control the quality unlike of its print counterpart. So a sound policy can ensure the good collection. Duplicacy, copyright policy and other related issues are important to remember and control also.
  11. 11. Processing After collection development , processing is needed before it is ready to be use. While processing, cataloguing is another important aspect in which a little precaution to be taken as different from the print collections. International standard and different common digital platform and models are to be taken care of.
  12. 12. Subject tagging Subject tagging is another aspect to be taken care of while suitable subject headings in terms of quality and quantity are need to be tagged for efficient retrieval. For this standard controlled vocabularies can be sued if necessary. At the same time locally indexing languages can also be created and further it can transformed into databases also.