need and importance functions exchange rate equilibrium balance of payment training methods of pricing profitability index profitability ratios international finance inflation supply chain demand export import roles and responsibilities of trainers human resources concepts dividend steps in overhead accountng administration ovrheads internal rate of return payback period working capital management classification of ratios meaning and definition ratio analysis analysis and interpretation of financial statments overall profitability ratios general profitability ratios dps eps market test ratios organisational structure branches of accounting management acconting balance sheet position statement profit and loss account income statement nature and limitations of financial statments financial statements solvency ratios financial ratios trend analysis common size financial statment comparative financial statement procedure meaning definition interpretation analysis efficiency ratio turnover ratios activity ratios communication network inter-bank transfer of funds emergence of new instruments emergence of new markets globalisation international financial management recent changes purchasing power capital expenditure investment foreign exchange rate closed economy open economy income interst macro economic factors interest rate international fisher effect different players international financial market differences between international financial manage role and responsiilities scope international financial managemnt bid rate ask rate foreing exchange rates theories of exchange rate soft currency hard currency rupee convertibility adverse balance of payment favorable balance of payment demand for foreign exchange supply of foreign exchange services mercantile credti debit accouting principles total quality maangement need and significance training evaluation development andragogy training pedagogy miscellaneous training programmes organisational structure for training organising training programmes training programme taxonomy contents lesson plan learning principles deinition human rsource development human resource records records human resource audit report human resource audit audit preparation of training modules training modules training materials operating cycle earnings valuation of equity shares equity share dividend net operating income arbitrage process capital structure theories ebit-eps analysis combined leverage operating leverage financial leverage trading on equity capital gearng leverage gordon's approach walter's approach mm approach irrelevance relevance theories fsnd analysis double bin system perpetual inventory system ved analysis abc analysis just in time economic ordering quantity level setting issue control stores ledger bin card functions duties and respeonsibilities store keeper centralised and centrlaised stores stores control administractive legitimate scrap abnormal waste normal defectives spoilage scrap waste simple and weighted average average cost hifo fifo lifo standard price market price based pricing cost based pricing overhead rates secondary distribution reapportionment apportionemnt allocation operating cost sheet cost unit total cost transport costing service costing operating costing material abstract purchase procedure centralized and decentralized purchasing purchase control material control direct and indirect material classification of material merits and demerits features economic lot size batch cost sheet job cost sheet job order costing batch costing job costing cost sheet treatment of stock selling and distribution overheads manufacturing ovrheads prime cost ovrheads labour material elements of cost decision tree sensitivity analysis probability and expected values standard deviation and coefficient of variation risk incorporation risk post payback profitability accounting rate of return capital budgeting merits and demerits of irr calculation of irr discounted cash flow technique time value of money weighted average cost of capital cost of different elements of capital calculation of cost of capital types of cost of capital cost of capital payback priod capital rationing arr cash flows traditional tools and techniques cpital budgeting orr boumol's optimum cash balance traditional approach noi approach net income approach capital structure
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