entrepreneurship tutor-dr. manishankar chakraborty student presentation of summer 2013-2014 semester teamwork management ibra college of technology principles of management strategic management business ethics principles of marketing dr manishankar chakraborty publications and conference details of dr.manishan teaching and learning employee relations employee relation business studies performance appraisal and productivity social media oman marketing dr. manishankar chakraborty sultanate of oman soft skills for the medical doctors doctors and soft skills soft skills in healthcare sector redundancy teachers as leaders entreprene ghedex-oman 3rd oqnhe conference teaching and learning quality enhancement through bachelor students of dr manishankar chakraborty of employee grievance ict of sultanate of oman outcome 5 of performance appraisal and productivit ppt supervised by dr manishankar chakraborty prese team teaching collaborative teaching collaborative teaching by dr manishankar chakrabor leadership in education by dr manishankar chakrabo stress management oman quality network in higher education job interview social entrepreneurship volunteering technology in higher education context based curriculum internship on the job training. higher education job advertisements higher education skill sets social media and its importance for socially focus society education. workshop on business writing techniques by dr mani time management workshop by dr manishankar chakrab diversity management job search techniques role of social media in teaching and learning role social media in teaching and learning publications and conference details of dr. manisha career development workshop career planning seminar knowledge oman oman symposium on management(osom2012)
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