periodontics introduction clinical sign and symptoms classification pathogenesis of periodontal disease cementum maintenace of dental implant patient referral of patients classification of post treatment patient recurrance of periodontal disease maintenance programme rationale for supportive treatment treatment diagnosis risk factors prevelance disease progression disease severity radiographic features disease distribution clinical features advances in host response advances in microbiologic advances in radiographic advances in clinical diagnosis limitations of conventional diagnosis brushing technique fractured teeth horizontal bone loss furcation defect hemiseptal defects three wall defect osseous craters sequence of orthodontic treatment in periodontal extracellular remodelling cellular biology molecular biology types of tooth movement benefits of orthodontics treatment outcomes and prognosis therapy radio-graphic features of tfo stages of tissue response acute and chronic trauma trauma from occlusion tfo specific immune response leucocytes function transendothelial migration complement system cells of immune system types of immunity definition periodontitis conceptual evolution periodontal disease implants for elderly paients clinical outcomes of implants in older patients osseointegration wound healing in implants dental implants dentistry oral biofilm related disease chemical plaque control mechanical plaque control plaque control oral biofilm root covering saliva as an diagnostic tool biomarker saliva tooth supporting structures tooth structure oral anatomy oral cavity periodontium gingiva healthy gums nutrition in periodontics nutrition
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