Talent Management

Leadership & Organisation Development, Talent Management Consultant, Director and Executive Coach um HR Performance & Development
25. Feb 2010

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Talent Management

  1. Selecting or developing just one outstanding performer has huge impact on overall performance
  2. Identifying what differentiates outstanding performers from average can be used to:
  3. Coach and develop less effective performers
  4. Inform the succession planning process
  5. Produce a template to inform selection of outstanding performers (as opposed to average)
  6. Low aspiration model
  7. Less competitive/fit for purpose
  8. Reasonable proposition?
  9. May “turn off” real talent
  10. Any new process required?
  11. Ideal if there are clear mission critical roles
  12. May create divisive culture
  13. May make people feel stigmatised
  14. Easier implement in private sector
  15. Creates aspirational target
  16. Helping line management to develop talent
  17. Informing development discussions
  18. Creating a nurturing climate