Book Of Your Life

  1. The mostThe most importantimportant Book –Book – The BookThe Book OfOf YourYour LIFELIFE You areYou are about toabout to open –open –
  2. Are we Obsessed with acquiring… Money, Property, Prestige ???
  3. When we die, all our Money, Power, Property… All Possessions pass on… To belong to somebody else !
  4. What remains ? In the sands of time … Not much !
  5. Only memories remain, in the minds of those people that we have helped !
  6. What would you wish to leave behind you …? Beautiful remembrances of happy times !
  7. Or … Pages you wish you could tear out forever...?
  8. Today you have been given a grand opportunity To re-write with a fresh sheet – Make your own script ...
  9. It’s up to you to choose the colors – Even in adversity, you can add soft pastels of serenity....
  10. If you knew you had only one more day to live – How would you use this precious time ???
  11. Would you now be able to appreciate the golden rays of the sun… the gentle breeze? – a page that you will treasure.
  12. Enjoy this new day ! – Take inventory of all the good things in your life Live each hour with cheer.
  13. Love and affection for the special people in your life – all the things you never did before it’s too late …
  14. People we sometimes take for granted – tell them how you feel ! Offer a helping hand…
  15. Live eachLive each day, as ifday, as if there was nothere was no tomorrow !tomorrow ! Be Happy Give Thanks