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Peep Laja_SearchLove London 2013

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Peep Laja_SearchLove London 2013

  1. Principles of Persuasive Web Design Peep Laja, Conversi onXL
  2. Act confident. Talk fast. Swear.
  3. Silent persuasion
  4. • Motivations and drivers • Use cases • Blocks and barriers • Aspirations
  5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Clarity above all Visual appeal Strong visual hierarchy Conserve attention at all costs One action per screen, when they’re ready
  6. Clarity
  7. What is this site about? What can I do here (is it what I’m looking for)? Why should I do it?
  8. Be specific
  9. Our Point of Sale Systems Integrate Hardware, Software and Internet Social Media Marketing Into One Giant Revenue Super System.
  10. Can’t get much clearer
  11. Visual appeal: Draw them in, push them down
  12. First impressions matter • Positive first impressions lead to higher satisfaction • First impressions can last for years • Visual appeal more important than usability for user perception
  13. Google: “…Overall, websites with low VC and high PT were perceived as highly appealing..“
  14. Strong visual hierarchy
  15. Keep attention at all costs
  16. 20%
  17. 31%
  18. Simpler is better.
  19. In addition to the daily Broad Market Analysis video, we produce an Individual Stock Analysis video that covers individual stock selection and detailed trade scenarios. This video takes a look at stocks that appear poised for short and intermediate term directional movement (long and short) the focus is to identify profitable trade ideas. Discussion includes potential entry levels where momentum may pick up, as well as “worst case” stops for traders. Along with the Individual Stock Analysis video, Alphatrends’ Watchlist Matrix tracks entry targets, stocks, open positions and stops. This video is made available five times per week and offers trading ideas for the next trading day (usually posted no later than 10 PM EST for the following day, except for the Monday ideas which are available no later than 7PM EST Sunday). The ideas videos are offered at least 225 days per year. Next, for Silver and Gold subscribers, the Mid-Day Video Update is an excellent way to keep abreast of important market levels for ETFs, equities and other trading opportunities. Brian provides guidance and insight about existing positions (including updated stops for swing traders who cannot follow the action all day), and introduces new trading ideas as they take form. The Mid-Day Video Update is available by noon EST from Monday through Thursday Each individual will have their favorites amongst the stocks covered — it is up to you to decide which ones are best for you based on your own unique circumstances including, but not limited to: risk tolerance, level of patience, capital resources available, time available to watch the market, etc. Please remember that RISK MANAGEMENT IS ALWAYS JOB #1 and you should NEVER commit more than 10% of your trading capital to any one individual idea. If you trade options, this number should never be more than 2% of your risk capital.
  20. There is no such thing as an attention span. There is only the quality of what you are viewing. This whole idea of an attention span is, I think, a misnomer. People have an infinite attention span if you are entertaining them.
  21. What sticks out, gets picked
  22. $2,684,000 * Monetate 2011
  23. 13.26% lift 7.48% lift * Monetate 2012 11.78% lift 8.28% lift
  24. B&O Beoplay A9
  25. B&O Beoplay A9
  26. One action per screen, ai m for the next step
  27. One primary action per screen
  28. Keep secondary actions secondary
  29. Too much too soon
  30. 1. 2. 3. 4. Clarity above all Simple and familiar Strong visual hierarchy Conserve attention at all costs 5. One action per screen, when they’re ready
  31. Want my book? Email me: peep@conversionxl.com Thank you! Peep Laja ConversionXL.com
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