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Cross Sell and Retention Strategy case studies

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Cross Sell and Retention Strategy case studies

  1. 1. www.digitalalchemy.asia © Digital Alchemy Limited. All rights reserved. Case Study: Strategic Analytics Driving Intelligent Campaigns Company Background Challenges Faced Deploying analytic led strategies to improve retention and cross-sell Approach The prepaid market is highly competitive and rife with churn, so Virgin needed to develop a more lasting relationship with prepaid customers. The strategy was to drive additional revenue and grow the customer relationship through subscription to downloadable content from their entertainment site: The Vibe. The Vibe delivers ringtones, music, videos, games and other content to subscribers. Digital Alchemy developed a database of past Vibe subscribers, and an analytics model to understand the attributes and characteristics of those subscribers. Data was provided from a range of sources, including: cellular & core customer data, daily call usage, recharge & prepaid balance data, and tolling status. The propensity model would then be used each month to score current non-subscribers, and identify those customers with the highest likelihood of subscribing to The Vibe. Results of the propensity model were then used as input to a campaign, targeting the most likely customers with an offer to subscribe to The Vibe, with the campaign being deployed through Unica Affinium. Virgin Mobile Australia is a leading consumer-focused mobile and broadband provider. Kicking off in October 2000 with a handful of staff and a whole lot of ambition, Virgin Mobile immediately made an impact with fresh, innovative products and the trademark Virgin service. Today, Virgin Mobile Australia can proudly boast flagship retail outlets across the country, thousands of partner outlets, staff and over one million Members. The model and campaign were run with tremendous results. The analysis provided a clear understanding of target segments within the prepaid and postpaid base, identifying 3 discreet segments with identifying attributes that included age group, tenure, service usage and recharge patterns. RESPONSE RATE — PER MONTH 34.5% As the campaign gained momentum, monthly response rates of 34.5% were achieved. GENERATED LIFT 2.5-4.4x The model generated lift ranging from 2.5 to 4.4 times control group behaviour. RESPONSE LIFT — PER MONTH 340% providing a lift of nearly over the control group. (The lowest lift over the period was still in excess of 200%.) Results