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Case Study:
Creating Continuous Marketing Capabili...
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Campaign Automation Virgin Mobile Case Studies

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Campaign Automation Virgin Mobile Case Studies

  1. 1. www.digitalalchemy.asia © Digital Alchemy Limited. All rights reserved. Case Study: Creating Continuous Marketing Capability through Automation Company Background Challenges Faced Approach In the rapidly changing and dynamic telecommunication industry, creating efficiency in the campaign development process has always been a challenge. Constantly looking for opportunities to enhance its marketing activities, Virgin Mobile sought to move away from manual campaign execution to a fully automated environment. This would provide for a continuous marketing capability to enable marketing campaigns to be implemented more quickly and efficiently. Digital Alchemy developed a continuous marketing capability for Virgin Mobile enabling campaigns to be automated and free up the internal resources to focus on customer marketing. To establish an initial campaign capability, Digital Alchemy implemented a Quickstart project for Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile has a number of initiatives required to address business critical challenges and future growth within its customer base. Digital Alchemy will continue to lead Virgin Mobile in this journey today and beyond. Virgin Mobile Australia is a leading consumer-focused mobile and broadband provider. Kicking off in October 2000 with a handful of staff and a whole lot of ambition, Virgin Mobile immediately made an impact with fresh, innovative products and the trademark Virgin service. Some things never change. As of right now, Virgin Mobile Australia can proudly boast of flagship retail outlets across the country, 1000s of partner outlets, fun-loving staff and over one million awesome Members. Results Improved process efficiency allows the Virgin Mobile analysts to focus on customer selection and targeting rather than data processing. More campaigns can be implemented in less time through automation capability. Results Pre Post Campaign tool Cognos/ SQL Unica Campaign Campaign Analyst 1 1 Number of campaigns built in last 12 months 20 100 Campaign build time* 10 hrs 5 hrs Performance tuning and QA Difficult for reuse and QA by others Auditable, reusable templates, Unica segments built for performance tuning Process efficiency Manual Automated *does not include briefing and creatives