signal processing ecg learning classifers descriptors histogram of object gradient hog vio facial expression image processing image analysis computer vision evaluation classification localization object detection feature detection select(*) subsitutuion variables sorting wild card adding a new record/row list range partition oracle's various table types truncate storage clause comment drop table alter table create table data type unique check default not null null foreign key primary key data definition language sql*plus oracle9i client/server dbms personal dbms normalization database design data modeling theoretical relational languages integrity rules relational data model rdbms database concepts data limitations of eoq lot-size order-level eoq with quantity discounts eoq with finite replenishment rate eoq with shortages graphical method for solving 2 x n or m x 2 dominance principle solution of 2 x 2 mixed strategy solution of 2x 2 mixed strategy with oddments mixed strategy expected pay-off two person zero-sum games maximin principles minimax queuing theory birth process pure death process project management pert cpm typical problems methods why to study phases role scope characteristics history definitions origin of operations research operations research uttam.k.roy css web technology web design
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