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types of f wait-die algorithm avoidance prevention deadlock in distributed systems – detection deadlock in centralized systems distributed deadlock & recovery deadlock concept selling on the marketplace amis cataloging the marketplace elastic load balancing auto scaling imaging computers elastic cloud compute - introduction to servers other aws security capabilities understanding public/private keys aws physical security - aws compliance initiatives iam abilities and limitations security policies and roles - understanding credentials groups users glacier - content delivery platforms elastic block store - simple storage service matching interfaces and services aws url naming web services basic understanding apis - aws programming interfa aws ecosystem. aws services aws infrastructure aws history comparison of cloud providers cloud marketplace overview machine imaging hypervisors load balancing exploring virtualization business concerns in the cloud cloud deployment models cloud service options history of cloud computing introduction to the cloud computing emerging trends e-markets edi supply chain electronic payments taxation e security. business b2c paper vs paper less contracts e-commerce models- b evolution and development in e-commerce information technology act penalties and adjudication. cyber regulations appellate tribunal network service providers liability cyber crime and offences certifying authorities legal recognition of digital signature legal recognition of electronic records electronic governance private cryptography public cryptography cryptographic algorithm digital signatures amendments and limitations of it act 2000 overview of it act introduction to cyber law: internet as a tool for global access. legal and technological significance of domain nam web hosting and web development agreement cyberspace-web space civil and criminal jurisdictions hierarchy of courts cyber jurisdiction cyber ethics real approach consensual approach doctrinal approach jurisprudence and law emergence of cyber space. cyber jurisprudence evolution of computer technology join correlated sub-queries sub-queries set operations string functions date built-in functions –numeric aggregate functions in operator check not null unique foreign key defining constraints – primary key alteration structure – creation dcl dml ddl basics of sql sql injection. intrusion detection mac and rbac models dac authorization and access control authentication query optimization join strategies query equivalence evaluation of relational algebra expressions htc-hydra pwdump l0htcrack password cracking and brute-force tools – john the webgoat sqlmap. dvwa application inspection tools – zed attack proxy openssl and stunnel http utilities - 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