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Bjorn Edwin - Start Your Own DevOps Dojo in 8 Simple Steps

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arget, Verizon, Capital One, Walmart and other giant enterprises have been creating Dojos (immersive learning environments) to facilitate their DevOps adoption. Today, DevOps Dojos may be the best way to help your organization in its journey towards doing DevOps the right way. The DevOps Dojos we have created for our enterprise clients have enabled them to accelerate their software delivery. Based on these experiences, we would like to share how you can start a successful Dojo in 8 simple steps. These steps are industry, domain and technology agnostic.

If you are a leader, manager or engineer who is passionate about bringing the Dojo concept to your organization, this talk will give you the 8 steps you need to follow to design, build and grow your own DevOps Dojo.

The 8 steps are as follows:

Assess the current state of DevOps tools and pipelines.
Identify and build the first and most common delivery pipeline and create a plan for the remaining pipelines.
Determine types of masters, types of coaches and physical space needs.
Adjust teams, players and technical practices as needed.
Design schedules, timelines, curriculum topics, labs and activities.
Make Dojo delivery and execution fun so learning becomes both rewarding and inevitable.
Share ongoing support and updates.
Grow in-house expertise, community and events. Bonus: Typical challenges you may face and how to avoid them

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Bjorn Edwin - Start Your Own DevOps Dojo in 8 Simple Steps

  1. 1. /in/bjornedwin Version 1.0Confidential | Liatrio.com Start your own DevOps Dojo in 8 Simple Steps Bjorn Edwin @wizbjorn
  2. 2. /in/bjornedwin … is both a physical space and a way of learning and practicing THE DOJO 2 @wizbjorn
  3. 3. /in/bjornedwin 3 DEVOPS DOJO … is immersive learning experiences where full-stack product teams learn and apply new ways of working, while delivering real-world products and services @wizbjorn
  4. 4. /in/bjornedwin 4 Culture Practices Experimentation Hands-On Learning of : @wizbjorn
  5. 5. /in/bjornedwin Are you sure? Do you want the Dojo? The Dojo 5 @wizbjorn
  6. 6. /in/bjornedwin 6 Start your own DevOps _____ ? …. In 8 Simple Steps Fasten your seat belts! @wizbjorn
  7. 7. /in/bjornedwin Step 1: Assess Current State … of DevOps tools and pipelines, team structure & alignment Discover teams/area who are already exploring... 7 @wizbjorn
  8. 8. /in/bjornedwin Step 2: Identify & Build your toolbox @wizbjorn 8 … first and most common delivery pipeline Doesn’t hurt to create a plan for the remaining pipelines
  9. 9. /in/bjornedwin Step 3: Staff your Dojo Curiosity Adaptability Realistic Empathy 9 @wizbjorn
  10. 10. /in/bjornedwin 10 Some Personas to Help ● Responsible for overall execution ● Establish a welcoming environment ● Remove roadblocks for leadership & teams ● Coaching teams & coaches Dojo Master ● Engineer Coach focusing on culture, tools, pipeline ● Embed with product teams ● Lead by example on new ways of working ● Help teams find fun in their work Dojo Coach @wizbjorn
  11. 11. /in/bjornedwin ➔ Set up a safe, dynamic learning environment ➔ Start with what you have, inspect and adapt along the way Step 4: Dojo Space 01 | Configurable space to swarm & pair 02 | Large TVs and monitors 03 | Plentiful whiteboard spaces 04 | Information Radiators and pictures wall 05 | Demo presentation areas 11 @wizbjorn
  12. 12. /in/bjornedwin /in Step 5: Design your Dojo CEO ➔ Schedule/Timeline ➔ Curriculum & Practice Ground (focused uplift) ➔ Execution Playbook for Coaches Iterate & Learn! 12 @wizbjorn
  13. 13. /in/bjornedwin Step 6: Prep & Readiness Chartering is key Adjust teams, players and technical practices as needed 01 | Dojo Intake and Chartering 02 | Understand Team Composition 03 | Product Roadmap & Learning Goals 04 | Skills Matrix & Working Norm 05 | Let the team visit the Dojo before entering 13 @wizbjorn
  14. 14. /in/bjornedwin Step 7: Run it ➔ Teams should learn on REAL WORK on their product and/or services ➔ Make it fun so learning becomes both rewarding and inevitable ➔ 4- 6 week iteration ➔ Quick iterations - faster learning and practice 14 @wizbjorn
  15. 15. /in/bjornedwin Make it for everyone ➔ All product teams, all team members ➔ Bring on the leadership and executives too 15 @wizbjorn
  16. 16. /in/bjornedwin Step 8: Community of Continuous Learning 1 2 3 Setup of Community of Practice, People will help each other Demo Days, Meetups, Hack-a-thons, Internal DevOps Days Early Adopters are your Champions/Celebrities 16 @wizbjorn
  17. 17. /in/bjornedwin Community & Experts for help! 17 @wizbjorn
  18. 18. /in/bjornedwin 18 @wizbjorn Assess Current State 1 2 3 4Build Toolbox Staffing Dojo Space Design your Dojo 5 6 7 8Team Prep & Readiness Run it Establish Community To Summarize..
  19. 19. /in/bjornedwin I got the Dojo, what’s next? Holistic change Operating Model Practices TechnologyCulture 19 @wizbjorn
  20. 20. /in/bjornedwin 20 Thank you! For more information stop by at our booth @wizbjorn @liatrio /in/bjornedwin /company/liatrio Visit us @ Liatrio.com