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Secrets to a Great Team
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20 Fantastic Flat Icons and Their Meaning In Logo Design



Icons tell stories. And when it comes to building visual identity for a brand, iconography plays a big part. Icons, incorporated into logos, not just make brand identities visually appealing but they also tend to deliver brand’s vision or underline message more effectively. Each icon ensues an inherent meaning that sparks a certain kind of psychological behavior, resulting in emotive consumer association with the brand. Because people tend to identify and appreciate these icons right away even in various colors or screen sizes. Hence, selecting the right icon for your logo is of great importance and must be treated carefully.

Here are 20 flat icons and their hidden meanings that make them effective in logo design.

20 Fantastic Flat Icons and Their Meaning In Logo Design

  1. 20 Fantastic Flat Icons and Their Meaning In Logo Design
  2. BOOMERANG: reflects uniqueness and makes an impact.
  3. BOOMERANG in logo design.
  4. OVERLAPPING LINES: depict crossover diversity and bonding.
  5. Overlapping lines in logo design.
  6. DOTS: Indicate accessibility and robustness.
  7. Dots in logo design.
  8. ANCHOR: symbolizes sturdiness.
  9. Anchor in logo design.
  10. SPARKLE: denotes freshness & happiness.
  11. Sparkle in logo design.
  12. SLASH MARK: directs adaptability and tech shrewdness .
  13. Slash Mark in logo design.
  14. Twisted Rope: signifies solid form and firm commitment.
  15. Twisted Rope in logo design.
  16. Bar Graph: emphasizes progressive approach.
  17. Bar Graph in Logo Design.
  18. Trixelate: sparks innovation and indicates variety.
  19. Trixelate in logo design.
  20. Check Boards: boosts strategic appeal and goodness.
  21. Check boards in logo design.
  22. Cocentric Lines: volumnize identity and showcase depth.
  23. Cocentric Lines in logo design.
  24. Crown: depicts superiority and persistence.
  25. Crown in logo design.
  26. Overlapping Circles: demonstrate bonding and connectivity.
  27. Overlapping Circles in logo design.
  28. Bisecting Planes: reflect adaptability and ability to grow.
  29. Bisecting Planes in logo design.
  30. Leaves: indicate newness and innovation for good.
  31. Leaves in logo design.
  32. Spiral: signifies continuity and diligence.
  33. Spiral in logo design.
  34. Rays: indicate importance or a call for reverence.
  35. Rays in logo design.
  36. Random Sticks: represent diversity of ideas and stability.
  37. Random Sticks in logo design.
  38. Owl: symbolizes wisdom and knowledge.
  39. Owl in logo design.
  40. Arrow: indicates direction and forwardness.
  41. Arrow in logo design.