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Minder Product Demo

  1. Date: 20 Nov 2015 Presenter: David King Web: Phone: +35317007579 MINDERResource Tracking Platform Product Demonstration
  2. 1 – Minder Overview Product Name Minder RTP – Resource Tracking Platform Value Proposition Provides ability to track mobile users globally and facilitate two way communications to ensure personal safety while working in hostile or difficult areas. Key Features Cloud based Tracking for Personal safety and Remote workers. Two way communication from devices to centralised application. Integrated GIS, Android app, Personal Panel for PC, Location based Rules Engine to manage critical responses. Who are the customers? All companies whose staff work on the road or in the field. All companies whose staff do not work at a desk. Corporate Security in Medical / Finance / IT Where are the markets? Global – This cloud offering can be installed and accessed anywhere in the world. What is unique about it? Our unique identifier is our intention to turn all of the sensors available on a smart phone into Security and Safety Reporting tools used for features like: Shake Activation / Power button Panic activation.
  3. 2 – Remote Worker Problem  Working from home – 3 in 5 (60%) in UK and Ireland work from home all or part of the working month  Risk Assessment - Employees working alone should at all times be at no greater risk than other employees. It is an employer’s duty to assess risks to employees and take steps to avoid or control the risks.  Corporate Manslaughter – In the USA the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 clarifies the criminal liabilities of companies, including large organization's where serious failures in the management of health and safety result in a fatality.  Proactive rather than Reactive - A Proactive Approach is required to identify and manage risk and improve the safety of employees and protect an organisations most important assets.
  4. Corporate Headquarters A C C E S S C O N T R O L  PROTECTED • Known Risk Areas / Hostile Territories • Personal Safety at Risk • Corporate Responsibility • Ransom’s and tiger Kidnappings • Operational Inefficiency Remote Place of Work (Outside HQ) 3 – Safety Outside HQ
  5. Security Control Rooms CCTV Access Control Intrusion RiskRemote Locations Personal Safety Data Controls Trade Secrets • Current Security systems are “building centric” with CCTV and Access Control systems providing protection to staff and buildings. • Remote worker safety is a blind spot for Corporate security operations manager. • By creating a service for connecting Remote Workers into the Security Operations Minder can help businesses protect their most important assets. 4 – Connecting Workers
  6. 6 Management Platform • Provides Location of Remote Workers and Exec’s. • Allows Communication between HQ and Remote offsite Employees. • Configure Operating Zones for Remote workers and set rules based on GPRS Activity. • Integrate GPS and RFID devices. • Review past journeys • Forward Events to supervisors. 5 – Platform Overview
  7. 7 Mobile Application for Android and IOS • Allows Instantaneous communications with HQ and Control Room. • Update and pulse of Current Location • Reports Events for Panic, Possible Man down, Custom Alarms • Unique application of alarm activations including Shaking the device for Panic alarms and power button Press • Snapshot and Frame Capture • Video Events • Audio events • No additional spend on hardware while improving Operational Security and field event reporting. 6 – App Overview
  8. 8 Personal Panel for PC • Bank Tellers and cashiers can send alarms via their desktops and pc’s. • I/O’s can be connected and opened and closed allowing door management capabilities. • Users can connect to local video streams to ensure safety at entrance and reception areas. 7 – Personal Panel Overview
  9. What are the Key User Actions & Reports? User Actions  User Driven Alarms– Desktop application and mobile applications can send Panic, Audio, Custom & Video Alarms.  User Controls – Personal Panel users can also open door’s or barriers in close proximity to their workstation as well as view cameras for their location.  Central Security Controls– Security Managers can develop location based Rules in order to manage remote personnel. Inside Risk Zone, Outside WorkZone, Communication Off/On, Reporting Features • Macro Information– Real Life Security and Safety data from RSS feeds utilised in the application in order make users aware of Risks in their work areas constituting a Risk Zone. • Red Risk Zones– Indicators displayed on the GIS that have Risk events associated with specific geographic locations. • Risk Reporting and Communication methods – Risk Overview, Dashboard, Email and Text messaging communication capabilities. 8 - Key User Actions & Reports
  10. 10 What are the Key User Interfaces? Web Browser Management Platform– To manage the processes with remote staff through location based rules.. Personal Panel – Desktop tray application for pc’s for reporting alarms from your pc into the security control room through to the web browser or to the supervisors phone. Minder App – App for mobile phone to track users and allow two way communication with Corporate Security What are the Key Use Cases? Hostile Territories – Engineers, Sales or Security personnel based Remotely or Deployed in known Hostile Territories carrying out specific operations on behalf of their organisation. Worker Management – Supporting and monitoring the safety of an organisation’s important personnel in order to facilitate business continuity and protect trade secrets. Finance and Commercial staff in Public Areas – The Personal Panel application covertly connects Bank Tellers and Sales assistants to the security control room. Door to Door / On the Road Personnel - Provide protection for staff members who interact with the public in their day to day work. 9 – Recap
  11. 10 – How to get Minder RTP? Getting Minder is very simple. Here are some of your questions answered: How can I order Minder? If you are interested in purchasing minder please email or call +35317007579 with your specific safety needs. Where do I get my License? Once we have received your order our application will automate the creation of a license for your organisation. This license will be processed and sent via mail with details on how to login. How do I enable Minder App? Minder app is sent to the specified users and can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Do I need any hardware? No additional hardware is needed! The platform runs entirely in the cloud and the applications and alarm triggers are installed on pre-existing hardware so no additional hardware spend. How do I set up my system and site? Our team will do initial configuration for you and if you have any specific questions around rules or need to add more users we will help.
  12. Thank you for listening for more info go to or Phone: +35317007579