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Dennis Thomas-Resume1

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Dennis Thomas-Resume1

  1. 1. DEN N IS THO MAS 1819 Majestic Oak Drive, Pearland, TX-77581 PH-832 569 2740, Cell 1 650 455 6412. Email-dennispoolanil@yahoo.com Objective To secure a position in the food service industry, this will allow me to demonstrate my strengths, solid work ethic, and professionalism. Summary of Qualifications  Proven Management skills  Culinary Management Degree  Graduate of Dietary Managers Program  High Volume cooking Expert, 15+ years of Culinary service  Serve Safe Certified  Certified Dietary Manager, CDM, CFPP Work History The Meridian Acute care & Retirement Home. Galveston. TX-March 2015 to Present Diet & Nutrition Manager/Chef  Overall supervision of Food service department in acute care, rehab and ‘The meridian Retirement home’.  Opened a new Kitchen in skilled Nursing (SNF), Introduced new tray line, & new cycle menu and menu substitution.  Organized and coordinated multi kitchen and dining room operations, catering, ensuring timely preparation and delivery of meals.  Introduced a selective menu for ‘The meridian Retirement Home’ designed and implemented host/hostess, residents room service improving residents satisfaction scores from 90% to 100%
  2. 2. Page 2  Handled sales, cash training, hiring, orienting, training and terminating the employee when necessary.  Staff scheduling and train them for catering events and banquet parties.  Manage the inventory, equipment, Budget/PPD with in company guidelines.  Follow up RD recommendations, attend care plan meeting with residents and family, complete the MDS, clinical assessment via point click care system  Implementing and monitoring quality assurance compliance with food safety, sanitation, customer satisfaction and other facility policies and procedures and Federal/state regulations Dietary Manager Fremont Healthcare Center. Fremont, CA-March 2012 to Nov. 2012  Met Hospital budget and improved patient’s satisfaction by 10% from previous year while exceeding the hospital goal.  Implemented Fine dining program as well as introduced selective menus to clients.  Provided culturally relevant recipes and ideas for nutritious meal to manage weight and prevent disease.  Helped to develop a plan that put the raw food budget back on track.  Developed a plan that dietary labor PPD back on track.  Trained staff on kitchen sanitation, Safety, HACCP, Hygiene and etiquette classes.  Catered staff parties and annual events for the hospital approximately 150-200 people. Dietary Supervisor Wisteria Care Center, Castro Valley, CA-June 2010 to Feb 2012.  Develop a plan that created strong and knowledgeable team.  Established healthful and therapeutic meal plans and menus.  Implemented operation clean up, which focused on kitchen.
  3. 3. Page 3  Collaborated extensively with interdisciplinary care team to meet the nutritional needs of each resident.  Reviewed records and assessed the nutritional condition of at risk residents, including those with unplanned weight changes.  Helped to open an online account with ‘Sysco’ food service Company. Lead cook Double- Tree Hilton, Burlingame, CA-Nove.2005 to 2010.  Prepared all production menu items as needed.  Work from written and standard recipes.  Prepared food items for dining room a la carte’.  Utilize the knowledge of international cuisine.  Responsible for team training and motivation.  Worked all line stations (grill, sauté’, fry and Oven). Cook AM- Diet & Nutrition Mills peninsula Hospital (Sutter Health)-Aug 2005  Prepare, Season, cook and serve for assigned meal for 295 bed hospital: Ensure appropriate portions serving according to portion control.  Cook food for employee Cafeteria  Prepare and cook food for catering events.  Taste and smell prepared food to determine quality and palatability.  Monitor temperatures of hot and cold food preparations and service to ensure that established temperature goals are met prior to steam table transfer and maintained throughout the meal service.  Perform regular cleaning tasks. ‘Chef de Partie’ Carnival Cruise lines, Miami FL- Sept 1999 to Jan 2005.
  4. 4. Page 4  Cooked for large population, worked and inspected all line stations (grill, Sauté’, fry and ovens).  Supervise all the food preparation in hot galley, worked with production cooks and line cooks.  Supervise the food production for ‘Taste of nation’ (international cuisine)  Monitored supply and equipment, stock, determined needs, and placed orders.  Adhere to all health and safety regulations/OSHA. Education Associate of Nutrition and Dietetics Merritt College, Oakland, CA-June 2010 BS in Hotel Management and Catering Swiss Hotel School Hotel Management and Tourism, Switzerland-Dec1998 Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry Mahatma Gandhi University, India- March 1992 Professional Affiliations  Certified Dietary manager-Association of Nutrition and food service personnel (ANFP)- June 2010.  American Dietetic Association- From, June 2010  Food service Manager Certification-National Restaurant Association, June 2010. Additional Information: Strong Leadership abilities including oversight of Food & Dietary service department in skilled Nursing facilities and Retirement Home with more than 15+ years’ experience in food service industry. Solid work ethics with a unique focus on geriatric population served with proven solid results in initiates focusing on improving the quality of care given. Proficiency with variety of computer software including MS word, Excel, PowerPoint, Meal Tracker, MDS-point click care and inventory ordering and control. Working in a Healthcare had deficiency free in Dietary department.
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