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  1. 1. she was all smiles at a basketball game in Brooklyn, but Beyoncé’s “IV” wedding tattoo was missing. CCTV footage from a lift at NYC’s standard hotel shows solange lunging at jay z. a bodyguard struggles to restrain solange for several minutes as Beyoncé watches on. The scuffle heats up before all three leave the elevator composed. fortune Faking it for their N obody plays the fame game quite as well as Beyoncé Knowles. For years, the highly polished performer has perfected her public image – the stellar career, the fairytale marriage and the luxury lifestyle. Were it not for a leaked video showing Bey’s sister Solange, 27, violently lashing out at her hubby Jay Z, 44, in an elevator at New York’s Standard Hotel following the recent Met Gala, the world would have been none the wiser. Especially given that, just moments after the epic showdown – which was caught by a CCTV camera – the Drunk In Love singer put on her game face and strolled out to meet fans with a smile. Amid reports their marriage is over, is the power couple just keeping up appearances? fake real The couple later released a statement, insisting, “We love each other... We’ve put this behind us.” But behind the façade, sources say Beyoncé and Jay Z’s six-year marriage may be on the brink of collapse. Conflicting work schedules and Bey having to defend her man against cheating allegations involving several women, including Gwyneth Paltrow, 41, Rita Ora, 23, and Rihanna, 26, has pushed their relationship to breaking point. “Beyoncé and Jay Z are in a fake marriage,” claims celebrity news site MediaTakeOut. “The two are ready to end their marriage.” But although Beyoncé, 32, has lasered off her “IV” wedding tattoo, sources say a split won’t be announced any time soon. Right now, being together is more lucrative than being apart for the Hollywood power couple, whose upcoming joint tour of the US, On The Run, is set to land them a whopping pay packet. “They stand to make upwards of $100 million from their joint tour,” reports MediaTakeOut. “[They’re] waiting until after their tour later in the year to announce their split.” Beyoncé & Jay Z: SISTER SMACKDOWN... Scan using Netpage to see Solange attack Jay Z after the Met Gala watch