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Microsoft Vista FINAL

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Microsoft Vista FINAL

  1. 1. 1 VISTAVISTA • In the weeks leading up to the Microsoft Vista launch, the MATTER team helped build buzz and credibility for Vista, by attracting celebrities who align with the Microsoft brand to participate in showusyourwow.com • The team provided the client with an initial talent list for approval and began outreach to agents, managers and publicists to capture these exhilarating, incredible and breathtaking "wow" moments through photo and quote submissions, to be used on the website • Through close-knit relationships with talent representatives, MATTER was able to secure five top-tier celebrities to participate in the program, including: Eddie Cahill (CSI: NY), Joy Behar (The View), Sandra Bernhard (The L Word), Genevieve Gorder (Trading Spaces) and Clinton Kelly (What Not To Wear) • The team then drafted offer letters and submitted short form talent agreements to finalize the deal • Tapping into the entertainment industry's "it" factor and to generate positive momentum, these celebrity "wow" moments were submitted in conjunction with the Microsoft Windows Vista Lounge, held in LA by the MATTER team, which attracted A-list talent such as Eva Longoria, Molly Sims and Josh Duhamel
  2. 2. 2 VISTA LOUNGEVISTA LOUNGE • The Windows Vista Lounge was a collaborative effort between Microsoft, MATTER and Rogers and Cowan • The three teams cohesively worked together to create a showcase for Windows Vista, allowing influencers to interact with it for the first time and before it was available to the general public • The Vista Lounge offered celebrities and Hollywood influencers guided tours from the Windows team on the product ensuring their understanding. Additionally, Microsoft provided influencers with limited edition, custom designed laptops • MATTER conducted outreach to celebrities and entertainment media and was successful in securing celebrity attendance and media coverage • Celebrity attendance included: Jimmy Kimmel, Molly Sims, Josh Duhamel, Adam Goldstein (DJ AM), Eddie Cahill, Steve Martin, Cash Warren, Eva Longoria, Jason Lewis, Matt Leinart, Maria Menounos, Allison Janney, Catherine Bell, Sela Ward, William H. Macy, Cobie Smulders, Ken Watanabe, Emily Procter, Breckin Meyer, Aisha Tyler, Julian McMahom, Zoe Saldana and Don Tardino MATTER successfully secured the following entertainment media: • MATTER granted Access Hollywood an exclusive interview with Eva Longoria, her broadcast outlet of choice, which took place January 25th at 7:00 am • Print coverage include: In Touch, Life & Style and US Weekly Life & Style will also be including a laptop with Windows Vista in their “Win This” section