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How to create a captivating presentation

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Presentations are a powerful medium that can quickly disseminate information and help teach people new ideas. Unfortunately not every slide deck is effective at reaching this goal. Do you remember the boring professor you had in college who used to read his PowerPoint slides verbatim? By the time the lectures were over, you and half the class were usually asleep with your faces stuck to your desks in piles of drool. To truly create a captivating presentation that engages the masses you must capture people's attention in an enchanting manner. But how can you design slides to draw such interest or exclamations of beauty?

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How to create a captivating presentation

  1. How to Create a CaptivatingPRESENTATIONBy Daniel Zeevi@DashBurst
  2. Captivate[kap-tuh-veyt]to attract and hold the attention or interest of,as by beauty or excellence; enchant.
  3. ENCHANTwith catatonicBEAUTY!
  6. CONVEY YOUR DREAM!smithsonianmag.com
  7. 12 Steps to Create a CaptivatingPRESENTATION
  8. Start with an idea
  9. Organize yourinto an OUTLINE1
  10. If you can encapsulate yourinto a single captivating sentence, you’re halfway home.- Len Wein1
  11. Pick an Attention-Grabbing2
  12. OptimizeYour
  13. is betterIn general,
  14. Tweets < 140 characters- But save more space for retweets
  15. Focus onKEYWORDS
  16. Focus onKEYWORDS
  17. COVER SLIDECreate a Captivating3
  18. FACEBOOK SHARINGKilling Time: 11 Ways to Ruin Your Productivity
  19. is everythingAn eye-popping
  20. 4Pick CoolSee the 5 Most Useful Color Tools for Designers
  21. That fit your themePICK 2-3 COLORS
  22. Color Scheme Designer
  23. Keep it
  24. 5Add Sharp
  25. SIZING MATTERSExamples (pixels):1024 X 768 (best)800 X 600< 1024 >
  26. SIZING MATTERSExamples (pixels):1024 X 768 (best)800 X 600< 1024 >- width : height ratio of a regular slide = 4 : 3
  27. Types of
  28. 1. YOUR OWN IMAGESScreenshots PhotographySee Screen Capture (by Google)
  29. 2. CREATIVE COMMONSSee creativecommons.org Flickr is a great source of CC images
  30. 2. Last slide2 Ways to Add Credits1. Bottom of image
  31. 3. ROYALTY FREEiStockphoto Shutterstock
  32. Find SHARP Images
  34. Funny
  36. 6CommunicateINFORMATIONVisually
  38. 7Select Standout
  39. PopularTimes New Roman
  40. PopularTimes New Romancan be boring
  41. Fresh FontsAlternate Gothic No. 2FrutigerDroid SansRockwellImpactLobster Two
  42. 8Can Be Sexy
  44. But make sure your video WORKS …1. Embed videos from websites like YouTube directlyinto your presentation, or…2. Insert a video file – but make sure it works on thetarget machine3. Embed a YouTube video via SlideShare after uploadingyour presentationSee “A TED speakers worst nightmare”
  46. Repetition
  47. 10ENGAGEYour Audience
  48. Focus on your AUDIENCE
  49. Or else…
  50. 11RELAXAnd TakeYour Time
  51. No Need to Shout
  52. 12RECAPAlways
  53. Let’s go over the STEPS
  54. 12 Steps to Create a CaptivatingPRESENTATION
  55. 12 Steps to Create a Captivating Presentation1) OrganizeYour Idea Into an Outline2) Pick an Attention-Grabbing Title3) Create a Captivating Cover Slide4) Pick Cool Colors5) Add Sharp Images6) Communicate Information Visually7) Select Standout Fonts8) Videos Can Be Sexy9) Practice10) EngageYour Audience11) Relax and TakeYour Time12) Always Recap
  56. Our responsibility is to captivate you forhowever long weve asked for yourattention.- Aaron Sorkin
  57. Looking for a CREATIVE spark?
  58. Let us HelpYou Create a CaptivatingPRESENTATIONContact Daniel Zeevidan@DashBurst.comdashburst.com