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Danny resume acct 03/21/16

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My resume as of 03/21/16

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Danny resume acct 03/21/16

  1. 1. 870 BurbankDr. Cell (408) 643 1870 Santa ClaraCA, 95051 trandanny126@gmail.com Danny Tran Objective To obtain an Accounting position to enhance not only my experience, but also put a growth upon the company by effectively contributing my competent knowledge in accounting. Skills ● Proficient in accounting applications such as Excel and SAP. Decent in Quickbooks ● Adequate knowledge in Accounts Receivable Cycles. ● Knowledgeable in accounting principles such as GAAP and FASB. ● Masterful in computer skills such as MS applications, web navigations, and trouble-shooting. ● Excellent in verbal and written communication skills. Able to type up to 89 words per minute. Experience Pai Accountancy LLP 2015 May - 2016 Feb Mountain View, CA Jr. Accountant / Assistant to CPAs ● Process AP & AR using Peachtree & Quickbooks respectively ● Send out past due invoices monthly. ● Process payroll by cutting checks to employees/contractors & deposit withholding taxes to EFTP & EDD ● Assist CPAs by organizing tax returns and send out to clients ● File and organize paper work Polaris Wireless 2014 Dec - 2015 April Mountain View, CA Jr. Accounts Payable Clerk ● Process payment cycles semiweekly using Excel and Quickbooks ● Assist Sr. Accountant by paying bills electronically and via checks using Quickbooks ● Process incoming invoices by acquiring manager’s authorization and post them on Quickbooks ● Audit employees’ expense reports and process them using Quickbooks ● Filing and organizing Purchase Orders and bank statements Carmel Stone Imports 2014 May - 2014 October Palo Alto, CA Accounts Receivable Clerk ● Process accounts receivable transactions by invoicing and remitting bills to clients using SAP ● Process credit card transactions, credit memos, and check deposits using SAP ● Capable of analyzing overpayments, underpayments, and any discrepancies in numbers within customers’ accounts. ● Capable of addressing any sales quote and sales orders issues with managers. ● Able to communicate smoothly with sales and warehouse colleagues regarding any internal issues. ● Organizing and filing paperwork.
  2. 2. EnLume Inc. 2014 February – 2014 September Sunnyvale, CA Accounting Intern / Admin ● Manage company’s income statement using MS Excel. ● Manage company’s credit card and bank statements. ● Assistant to CEO and manager. Social Thinking Inc. 2013 September – 2013 December San Jose, CA Data Entry Specialist / Accounting Assistant ● Entered and updated data using SAP. ● Processed clients’ sales and purchase orders for inventory deployment. ● Assisted accountants via utilizing SAP to process accounts receivable transactions. Green Valley Realty 2012 October - 2013 September Cupertino, CA Admin / Accounting Assistant ● Checked legal paperwork for compliance. ● Entered data using Quickbooks. ● Answering agents’ and brokers’ phone calls. ● Capable of replying over 50 emails a day ● Able to handle multiple tasks respectively ● Assisted accountant by checking financial statements and recording checks. Nextlabs Inc. 2009 January – 2010 January San Mateo, CA Admin Assistant ● Collected data using MS Excel and Words. ● Organized files using MS Excel ● Utilized a variety of software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and In Design, to assist the marketing director. HSC Electronic 2007 January – 2012 December Santa Clara, CA Admin / SalesRepresentative ● Allocated surplus inventory for deployment. ● Distributed inventory to the assigned departments using FIFO. ● Assisted customers Education 2013 August De Anza College ● Acquired an AA degree in accounting and a business certificate with a 3.3 GPA 2009 May San Jose State University ● Acquired a Bachelor’s degree with a 3.0 GPA