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Legal Recruits Limited

Recruitment & Quality Management

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Legal Recruits Limited

  1. 1. Recruitment & Quality Management M: 021 567 301 E: legalrecruits@ihug.co.nz www.legalrecruits.co.nz LinkedIn / Facebook PO Box 4388 Shortland Street AUCKLAND 1140
  2. 2. Contents • Who am I • Status Quo • Future of the Legal Industry • Quality Management Approaches
  3. 3. Who am I • Worked in law firms in Australia and New Zealand for over 30 years • Indepth knowledge of the legal industry • Business owner • Legal Recruits Limited • Smith Phillips Limited (formerly) • Partnership • Raydan Maintenance • MBA student • Legal Executive
  4. 4. Status Quo • Traditional Offices • Cities and Towns • Staff • Principals • Practice/Office Manager • Trust Accountants • Special Counsel, Solicitors, Associates, Legal Executives, Junior Solicitors, Legal Secretaries, Receptionists • Digital Software / Tapes / Handwritten • Emails / Postage / Couriers
  5. 5. Future of the Legal Industry • Mobile • End of the traditional Office as we know it? • Cloud • Applications (Apps) • Sustainability • Clients • Global • Local • Increased use of digital technology • Dictation; • Dragon Dictate • Video conferencing • Skype
  6. 6. Quality Management Approaches • Business Excellence • Baldrige Framework • Balanced Scorecards • Cyclic • PDCA • Continuous Improvement • Information & Technology Management • Benchmarking • Change Management • Analyses • SWOT, PEST, PESTLE etc • Engagements • Staff, Consumers, Competitors
  7. 7. Quality Management Approaches, contd • Baldrige1 approach • Leadership • How senior leaders' personal actions and governance system guide and sustain organisation. • Strategy • How the organisation develops strategic objectives and action plans, implements them, changes them if circumstances require and measure progress • Customers focus • How engagement of customers (or clients, members, patients etc) for long-term market place success, including how you listen to the voice of the customer, build relationships, and use customer information to improve and to identify opportunities for innovation 1. New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation
  8. 8. Quality Management Approaches, contd • Measurement • How the organisation selects, gathers, analyses, manages and improves its data, information, and knowledge assets: how it learns; and how it manages information technology. The category also asks how the organisation uses review findings to improve its performance • Workforce • How the organisation assesses Workforce capability and capacity needs and builds a workforce environment conducive to high performance. The category also asks how the organisation engages, manages, and develops your workforce to utilise its full potential in alignment with the overall business needs
  9. 9. Quality Management Approaches, contd • Operations • How a organisation designs, manages, improves, and innovates its products and work processes and improves operational effectiveness to deliver customer value and achieve ongoing organisational success • Results • What are the organisation's performance and improvement results in key areas - product/services, customer service, workforce, leadership and governance and financial and market. What are the levels relative to those competitors and other organisations with similar product/service offering • Relevance to law firms • Time management • Youthful Knowledge • Ensures consistency • Controls • Interdependence
  10. 10. Danae Smith Gandhi Q & A