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Ditemsa company profile

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Strong Foundry Tooling Knowledge

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Ditemsa company profile

  1. 1. Customer focused organization 36 years of tooling experience Operating 24/7 Big capacity for large projects and fast response
  2. 2. Worldwide presence from our plants in Mexico and USA with support in Europe and the Far East.  3,600 sq. m. of operational infrastructure and offices
  3. 3. 36 years of experience Designing & Manufacturing Tooling for: Aluminum SPM, LPM, HPDC Aluminum Core Package System (CPS) Grey Iron Greensand Molding Hot and Coldbox coreboxes Fixtures & assembly aids
  4. 4. Strong knowledge of all Foundry processes for grey Iron and Aluminum casting. Sand pack development & Mold Studies Rapid Prototype Tooling
  5. 5. More than $5m investment in state of the art 4 and 5 axes HSM machining centres
  6. 6. High tech locating and clamping system giving accurate location plus fast set up
  7. 7. Through Spindle Cooling (TSC) for efficient and accurate machining of all hole work
  8. 8. Latest CMM and Photo Scanning (GOM) inspection and reverse engineering hardware and software
  9. 9. Component Design from 2D Print Initial tooling layouts for customer approval Complete mold and fixture design Modification of existing designs to incorporate engineering changes to existing molds Design and project management support on all programs
  10. 10. Large CNC and Crane capacity to support engineering changes and maintenance to existing tooling, large or small
  11. 11. Reverse engineering by GOM scanning and modeling back into a 3D system
  12. 12. Close location to North American Foundries giving fast response to engineering changes, breakdowns and technical reviews
  13. 13. A multi-cultural English Speaking management team with many years experience in the Foundry and Tooling industry holding key positions throughout the company
  14. 14. Skilled design team offering a full service to our customers
  15. 15. Project Leaders tracking and supporting all projects providing a link between us and our customers
  16. 16. Skilled work force in all areas of manufacture with experience above 20 years
  17. 17. www.ditemsa.com.mx Blvd. Luis Echeverría 1280, Saltillo, Coahuila, México CP 25240 Tel (+52) 844 438-6200 Fax (+52) 844 415-2588 Sales Fax (+52) 844 416-4097 email: sales@ditemsa.com