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NAGAP Conference 2018 | Erikson Institute & Converge

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Prospect Lifecycle Retrospective: Analyzing & Improving the Digital Enrollment Journey

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NAGAP Conference 2018 | Erikson Institute & Converge

  1. 1. Prospect Lifecycle Retrospective Analyzing & Improving the Digital Enrollment Journey Presented by: Michel Frendian, Dean of Enrollment Management, Erikson Institute Brian Connelly, Director of Business Development, Converge Consulting
  2. 2. Session Overview } Converge-Erikson Partnership & Lessons Learned } Role of the CRM: People Power v. Tech Power } Diving Deeper into Automation & Personas } Developing a Full-Funnel Approach to Digital } New & Next Insights: Video, KPI Reporting & Job Market Data } Recommended Resources } Thank you. Questions?
  3. 3. Partnership Timeline } Fall 2014: Erikson Institute brings a new Master of Social Work program to market: on-campus program, single concentration } AY 2015: Converge + Erikson launch digital advertising strategy to support enrollment growth } AY 2016: Analysis of data from advertising informs ongoing digital recruitment strategy } AY 2017: Enrollment goals met with 15% of class from digital } AY 2018: Slate integration with digital marketing campaign to focus on the the most qualified prospects
  4. 4. Role of the CRM } Dedicated Slate inquiry form embedded into landing page: } Fewer fields } Programmed to auto-fill city and state based on zip-code } Inquiry is added to Slate real-time } UTM parameters are auto-filled in background } Ping enabled
  5. 5. 10-Part Drip Campaign, 45 Days 1. Admission Coordinator Welcome 2. Print brochure (snail mail) 3. Join Us In Our Mission 4. ClassVisit Invitation – 73% increase over last year 5. MSW Student Profile 6. Erikson Prepared/Prepared to Lead Brochure (snail mail) 7. MSW Program Director Email 8. 3 Financial Aid Myths 9. MSW Faculty Profile 10. MSW Alumni Profile
  6. 6. Better Engagement with Automation } Graduate Admission Newsletters: 1. 30 days before each application deadline 2. 6 newsletters – roughly 2 months apart 3. 2 versions: applicants/admitted/matriculated students and inquirers 1. Same news items, different introduction and CTAs
  7. 7. Better Engagement with Automation } Event Invitations: 1. Fall and Spring Open House events 2. Monthly information sessions beginning in March 3. Free webinars offered by Continuing Ed (typically 2 each calendar year)
  8. 8. Lessons Learned } It’s easy to focus on the feedback (mostly positive, but also the negative) from engaged inquirers and applicants. But what about those who don’t’ seem to engage or those who disengage after initial contact? } Spike in email correspondence impacts ability to connect via phone } Hypothesis – if inquirer doesn’t engage in the first three steps of communication workflow, we will most likely lose them } Hypothesis – need to reorder the drip campaign for older inquirers
  9. 9. Lessons Learned: MSW Specific 1. Confusion about online vs. on-campus format 2. Communications didn't stress flexibility of program 3. Focus on MSW, not full range of on-campus master's programs 4. Advanced Standing (lack of) is a barrier
  10. 10. Personas: Exceptional Students Meet Natasha! } 23 years old } Earned B.S. in Psychology in May 2017 } Top Tier Research 1 Public in Midwest } 3.00 - 3.25 cumulative GPA } CityYear Corps Member since August 2017 } Applied to 2-year (full-time) MSW program
  11. 11. Natasha's Journey October 21st Landing page inquiry form submitted; Chicago search campaign Drip campaign begins (4 min, 51 sec) 27th Meet Natasha in person at CityYear LACY Grad Fair 31st Receives invitation to November Open House; registers
  12. 12. Natasha's Journey November 6th Starts application for Fall 2018 11th Attends Open House 15th – 20th Logs into online system two more times 17th Letters of recommendation begin to arrive 28th Clicks on display remarketing ad twice (1 min, 15 sec)
  13. 13. Natasha's Journey January & February Jan 7th Submits application Jan 10th Contacted to schedule interview with faculty member Feb 2nd Interview date confirmed Feb 5th Interview with faculty member Feb 15th Notified of admission to MSW program
  14. 14. Natasha's Journey March & April **Remains engaged with MSW admission coordinator – communications are focused on financial aid Mar 16th Receives Graduate Newsletter, does not open Mar 26th Requests extension for Statement of Intent Confusion over FAFSA submission Apr 9th Financial Aid award package emailed
  15. 15. Start HERE. Marketing Methodology
  16. 16. 1B users each month 6B hours of video $0.10-$0.30 average cost per view 88% of 19-29 yr. olds Photo, video, carousel $1/day impressions $5/day engagement 90% users <35 yrs. old Photo, video, carousel $1/day impressions $5/day engagement 61% are 30-64 yrs. old Sponsored content, In- mail, lead gen, video $10/day minimum 85M monthly users Link, text, display $0.10-$0.30 average cost per view LEAD GENERATION BRAND AWARENESS
  17. 17. Full-Funnel Approach to Digital } Cross-Channel Strategy: Google Search, Remarketing (display), LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram } Overall Stats: October 2017-February 2018 } Avg. Conversion Rate = 8% } Avg. Cost/Conversion = $143.33
  18. 18. Facebook & Instagram Insights } Instagram has been a strong source of leads } 35% of leads from Instagram in October } 54% of leads from Instagram in February
  19. 19. New & Next: Video-Sponsored Ads Instagram Story Ads } Over 200 million daily users viewing Instagram Stories. } With 90% of users under age 35, channel is a strong source of leads for MSW program. } Exploring video advertisements and motion visuals to enhance creative.
  20. 20. New & Next: Google Data Studio CustomVisual Reports } Great (free) tool for high-impact snapshots } Synthesizes data from multiple sources including Google Analytics, Google AdWords, YouTube, CRM, CMS and more } Variety of graphical displays of information, tailored to your audience
  21. 21. Key Takeaways } Good technology is a game-changer, but it takes people to power the engine. } Better engagement with prospects thanks to automation. } Better ROI with digital strategies that map to student touch-points across the enrollment funnel. } Make time to test new tactics.Your competitors are doing it. } Paint a better picture of your ideal prospects and analyze your performance with benchmark and industry data.
  22. 22. Case Studies Insights from the Marketplace: } Clemson University Ma. Ed. Program } Seton Hall University Law School: Communication Workflows } Southern Methodist University Lyle School of Engineering: LinkedIn InMail for Deans
  23. 23. FREE RESOURCE: A GUIDE TO SMARTER DIGITAL CAMPAIGNS This ebook includes a channels matrix, industry benchmarks, a terms glossary and tons of other insights to maximize your digital advertising efforts. Download Now
  24. 24. FREE RESOURCE: THE DIGITAL ADVERTISING ROI BENCHMARK This ebook walks through how to calculate and apply a metric called Breakeven Cost-per-Lead (CPL) to determine if your campaigns are yielding a positive return. Download Now
  25. 25. THANK YOU! QUESTIONS? Michel: Mfrendian@erikson.edu Brian: Brian@convergeconsulting.org