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Socialise your Compensation & Benefits plan - Compensation Insider Career Corner

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This easy format allows you to have a meaningful discussion with your main stakeholders once your annual C&B business plan has been approved. Get their buy-in and make your life easier !

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Socialise your Compensation & Benefits plan - Compensation Insider Career Corner

  2. 2. Remind of your achievements :This year’s major goals andsuccessesGoal /Objective Name What it brought to the business (value creation)
  3. 3. Lessons learnedWhat went well for Compensation & Benefits(repeat)What would you do differently ? (learn andimprove)
  4. 4. Your commitment : Proposed Goals for next yearGoal /Objective Benefit and impact to yourName department
  5. 5. Challenges and mitigation planChallenges / How it Risk Mitigation PlanInterdepende could factor :ncies affect your Major / Unit Medium
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